Abu Tahseen, who has practised his deadly art for five wars, is battling to free his homeland from the clutches of the terror group.

ISIS fighters are said to fear entering his patrol zone

The 63-year-old warrior even kills ISIS fighters on his days off

The battle-hardened war veteran volunteers with Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units to defend his country against ISIS.

And now military.com has told how he has clocked up at least 321 ISIS kills since 2015.

Such is his hatred for the group, Abu – a legend in Iraqi military circles – even spends his rare time off hunting them down.

In videos, the silver-haired sniper proudly talks about the power of his rifle and how he is always calm when he guns down his enemy.

He said: “I swear, I guarantee by God when he falls, this pushes him back a metre before putting him down.”

This man is a terror for ISIS. Much respect for you man.


Just for shits and giggles, here’s a picture of a smoking hot cop…

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