Beautiful video put together by yours truly. A10 Warthog, so badass of a plane that they built the entire plane around the gun which by the way spits 30mm depleted uranium armor-piercing shells at 3,900 rounds per minute. Firing 50 rounds the first second and 65-70 rounds per second after it comes up to speed. This gun is so god damn accurate it can place 80% of its shots within a 40 foot diameter circle from almost 4,000 feet away. I mean that is just insane. This plane is loved by the boys on the ground because of its pure devastation it causes and the fear it puts into our enemy on the receiving end of that GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling Cannon. Why the military wants to do away with this plane is beyond me and purely stupid. The A-10 has been use in numerous campaigns and has saved countless amounts of American and friendly lives on the battlefield. Here in this video you see a platoon of Army cats stuck in a tricky spot in Afghanistan. They call for support and the A10 comes in to wreck the enemy. You see different shots in the video including multiple angles from inside the aircraft as well as camera shot from the ground pounders engaged in a firefight. SAVE THE A10


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