Officials have identified the suspected mastermind as Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27 year old Belgian of Moroccan origin

A French official has named the suspected mastermind behind the Paris attacks as a Belgian man Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

He was reportedly involved in previously thwarted train and church attacks.

RTL radio in France reported that the 27-year-old is “one of the most active Isis executioners” in Syria.

Video: Police arrest Paris suspect


He is said to be from the Molenbeek district of Brussels, which has seen multiple police raids since eight suicide bombers armed with assault rifles killed at least 129 people in Paris on Friday night.

Abaaoud allegedly oversaw the attack and funded it. He was suspected of planning a series of foiled terror attacks and his phone was traced to Greece.

Charlie Winter, a security analyst Abaaoud’s profile would fit that of someone capable of planning the massacres in Paris.

“He’s exactly the kind of person you would expect to plan something like this,” he said.

“You don’t go from never trying anything to masterminding an attack involving multiple attackers, multiple targets and multiple weapons.”

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