Veterans return from ‘war’ every single day. There is no standard way of dealing with the images and memories we experience while we’re over there. Most veterans have no idea what’s wrong or why we’re feeling the feelings we’ve never felt before. Therefore, we need guidance, or at least a new way of dealing or coping with the issues that are so new to us. I’ve read articles saying that EVERYONE has some level of PTSD. I don’t believe that to be true, but depending on the things you witnessed and the actions you took part in, you may have some signs of PTSD. You should find a way to deal with those. Whether it be seeking professional help, or learning to cope in your own way.


Most of the time you won’t even feel ‘at home’ in your own house, town, or even with your own family. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. You need to learn how to function as a productive member of society all over again. You’re no longer in a combat zone, and you need to start acting like it. That isn’t always easy but these guys were able to find a way to do just that.

King 5 News, covered a story of two Operation Enduring Freedom veterans who were looking for anything to relieve their level of stress after returning. The two vets decided to take a long walk. You might be asking yourself how taking a walk could possibly help them deal with their stress. The answer is unknown but it could be the remembrance of walking patrols, the peace and quiet, or the time away from everything that helps these two deal with personal issues. The walks are usually in the midst of nature, in the mountains or countryside.

“If it’s a bad day, you give it another 100 miles, another 100 feet, another 100 steps. Whatever it takes. –Bielecki


Getting away from the world has helped Bielecki. He has done three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan before being medically discharged as the result of severe burns he received when an ammo box blew up near him. He’s been struggling ever since. The feelings of being alone, even around his family. After two years of depression, he decided to take a walk.

Bielecki, along with Shawn White, decided to step off on a long journey. They’re walked 2,700 miles and it took them 5.5 months. This is the length of the Pacific Crest Trail which covers the Pacific Coast Range on the west coast.  from Canada to Mexico. The other veterans who started with these two didn’t finish the walk and left somewhere along the way.


Watch the video below:

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