You wanna be in the Infantry? Good on you but with that being said….CARRY YOUR OWN WEIGHT!

Article Credit- Timothy J. Smaker

Females in all MOSs:

“Wow, there are a lot of guys upset about this female infantry integration.

Most of the guys that are up in arms regarding females in combat roles shouldn’t even be opening their mouths, due to the fact that they don’t have combat experience and are substandard for these positions as well.

There are a lot of reasons it is a bad idea for females to be placed in these roles…but, I’ll base this on the physical limiting factors alone since that is tangible and easily explained.

Personally, I am a lean 235lbs, and a giant 6’3” dude. I have seen combat in multiple theaters over the last decade. All as an independent operator, and USMC Scout Sniper.

Full load out for me on a missions is absurd! (Just thinking about it hurts). My foot print is right around 400lbs on the light side of the spectrum.


Break Down:
Naked-ass Body: 235lbs.
M40A5: 18lbs.
M4/M203/PEQ/ACOG/ Supp.: 13lbs.
Plate Carrier: 22lbs.
Chest Rig: 45lbs. (Includes pistol belt and sidearm).
Helmet: 7lbs. (Loaded)
Boots & Clothes: 5lbs.
Mission Ruck: 55-110lbs.
Footprint Range:

That is around +170lbs. of gear, plus my body weight…up and down mountains, running, fighting, swimming, movements, jumping, fast paced, extended periods of time, fatigued, heat, cold, you name it…literally on land, sea, and air.

Now understand, even under ideal conditions, this is a tall order for a fit and conditioned man.

So, ask yourself, “can a 130lbs. woman even lift 170lbs., let alone sustain that load under operational conditions, fatigue, and stress”?…highly doubtful.

Can she then, while wearing that load and fighting, drag or carry another 300-450lbs…nope! (Statistically).

As I stated, that is a tall order for me…and, I have built and trained for it for a decade…not to mention the evolutionary advantages of a male body vs. a female body for this type of function.m since the beginning of time.

Certainly my MOS requires more than most…but, that’s precisely my point.

Now, I would be ignorant if I said, “…there are no women that could perform under these conditions”. Certainly, there are females that could even out perform their male counterparts…mentally and physically (it’s the truth).

However, there are very few that truly could…and, as an intelligent and reasonable individual you would have to agree, right?

If they want availability to “all” MOS’s, than they must be able to perform to the same standards as their male counterparts.
If they can, IMPO your welcome to join my ranks on a performance based standard. (Assuming all of the other issues with females in the infantry are curbed).

This goes for all aspects of the MOS; mentally, physically, emotionally, professionally, and maturely…as it should for all MOSs and job fields, regardless of all the PC shit.

Now I’m a rational, independent thinker. I base my decisions on the facts at hand at the time of the decision. I am open to the idea, just not the lowering of standards to facilitate a “PC integration”.

Our lives depend on it (Male & Female).

Other than that, and all the other issues associated with females in the infantry…it’s like putting cats in a K-9 unit, bad idea.

Enough with “PC equality”. There will never be the level of equality these types of people are protesting about.

What?…are they literally expecting “evolutionary equality”?

Well then, “Men for live birth…it’s our right…equality or nothing”…right?
That trash is not possible…neither is (statistically) a 130lbs female moving a 400lbs load, while wearing a 170lbs. load. (Even in a short burst with adrenaline spike).

The facts will always be the facts, men will always be men, and women will always be women…taking with them all of their advantages and disadvantages. There are inherent differences in all of us…nothing can change that. Embrace it!

I’m all for equal rights…but, all the bitching in the world will not change the evolutionary standpoint we have arrived at.

If they want to make a full female infantry platoon/team/section/unit/detachment/squadron where the standards are equal, and the limiting factors associated with the physics involved are more on an equal level…I have no issues with that.bilde

To caveat off of that, here is a visual representation of a basic minimum load out. Keep in mind this does not include many basic and specific mission essential equipment including;
-Chow (Food)
-Warming Layers
-Weather Barrier Layers
-Personal Camouflage (Ghillie Suit)
-Extra Clothing
-Climbing Equipment
-Camp Stove / Equipment
-Explosive and Components
-Anti-Materials Rifle (.50 SASR)
-Machine Gun and Components
-Additional Ammunition
-Winter Gear
-Snow Shoes
-MCWIK (Gear Sled)
-Probing Poles
-Avalanche Transponder
-Communications Equipment
-Antenna Kits (FEAK)
-Covert Hide Construction Materials
-Additional Medical Gear
-Extraction Equipment (litter, sked, ect.)
-Mission Essential Optics
-Night Vision
-Day Optics
-Observation Tripod
-Shooting Stabilization Tripod
-Photography Equipment
-Computer Equipment (MSIDS)
-Additional Mission Essential Gear (Amphibious, Mountainous, Winter/Summer, Airborne, Land Based)

Anyone that want to give this a shot, LMK and I will gather up all of the necessary equipment for you to experience. We can set up a little obstacle course in the dark, and you can give it a go. Ill even let you attempt to drag me. Again, this a tall order for a well conditioned team of men.

Having experienced this, and possessing first hand knowledge of what is expected…I just feel they may not realize what they are asking for”.
Timothy J. Smaker

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