Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and Army Ranger Jack Murphy formally discuss survival techniques for surviving different types of terror threats. These two very intelligent men, who authored “The ISIS Solution” will give you some very insightful ways for getting yourself through a bad situation. Getting off the “X” isn’t always the easiest thing to do but there are a few ways to increase your odds.


From: Fox News

Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and former Army Ranger Jack Murphy joined Megyn Kelly tonight to explain how everyday citizens can protect themselves from terrorist attacks.

Webb said that in an active shooter situation, the first priority should be running away or running to cover.

“[At] the point of impact, you have to get away from there and create distance,” Webb said. “Making some decision, rather than just sitting there.”

Webb added that most terrorists or mass shooters are inexperienced gunmen who aren’t experts at changing magazines out. He explained that waiting for the lull in fire while they reload gives you an opportunity to create that space.

“You have to remember that these people are amateurs at the end of the day,” Murphy said. “Their odds of actually hitting you with unaimed fire [are] actually pretty low.”

Webb said that if escape is not an option, then using a high lumen flashlight to flash blind an attacker can give you the time to get away.

He added that visualizing a terror situation and your reaction before it happens can help you be more mentally prepared.

Murphy reiterated that making any decision is better than making no decision.

“Run left, run right, run forward, run back, but don’t freeze up.”

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