It ‘s happening again. According to veteran, Ryan Lonergan, he’s been banned from the George Williams College campus unless he has a class. He says he’s in trouble after speaking out to a fellow student about reportedly making up stories. According to Fox6Now, those stories are about the classmates time in the Marine Corps.

Ryan Lonergan apparently ‘called out” the student because he doesn’t believe the “Marine’s” stories are true. Even if they are true, what are you doing telling war stories to a bunch of college kids?

It’s the policy of George Williams College to ban students from the campus, (unless they have a class) while they’re pending disciplinary hearings.

Lonergan has blatantly stated that he was not polite. He says his “voice was raised. I said some expletives to him.”

“For someone to steal the integrity of what men and women do for this country, it’s un-American and I wasn’t going to have it,” said Lonergan.





The college has responded by saying:

“Regarding the case of Mr. Lonergan, no disciplinary decisions have been made at this time…We are currently gathering all sides of the story in accordance with our student code of conduct. We hope to resolve this matter in the near future.”


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