Free Credit Score Offered To USAA Members

I’ve been a loyal member to USAA for approximately 10 years. With that being said I have no affiliation with the company other than I believe their core values match those of service members.  I’ve stayed with USAA because of the services they offer. Offers everything from simple banking to auto/home insurance, and even home mortgage accounts. In all reality, they are similar to most banks out there today. However, USAA is exclusive to active duty, retired, and former service members and their families.

Along with the long list of services this bank provides, USAA has added another important service to their collection. They are now providing members with a Free Credit Score monthly, and daily monitoring of their Experian® credit report with CreditCheck®.

“We want to help members understand their credit and how it relates to their financial goals,” says Ralph Howard, a product manager at USAA. “CreditCheck is the perfect place to start and a great benefit considering that other institutions charge for this kind of benefit.”

It appears, as more and more banks are now offering free credit scores, USAA feels the need to jump on the bandwagon, which is great for USAA members. I was also a member of the Equifax Complete™ Advantage Plan. This service was a great tool to help monitor my credit but was costing me $15.95 a month until last month when I received an email from Equifax informing me that the price was being increased to $16.95 and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

When comparing the two prices it’s obvious who service members should be using. Equifax charges an ungodly $203.40 a year compared to USAA, who doesn’t charge anything.

Now, as grunts, we’re not always considered the brightest bulbs in the bunch, but do yourself a favor and check out their services.

You can sign up and learn more about your Free Credit Score here: USAA

Some of their services include:

Features include:

  • Daily credit monitoring alerts.
  • A monthly credit score.
  • An annual credit report from Experian.
  • Access to educational resources.

“The credit score is accompanied by the top three things that are helping or hurting your score, along with helpful resources from USAA on what those positive or negative factors could mean,” Howard says. “Then, once a year, you’ll get a full Experian credit report where you can see your loans, credit cards and existing or new lines of credit.”


Disclaimer: I received no contributions for this article. 

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