The closer it gets to the regular season, the more excitement surrounds NFL preseason games. During Saturday night’s game between the Colts and the Rams however, it wasn’t Andrew Luck or Nick Foles that everyone was talking about. It was 1st Lt. August Valentine of the U.S. Marine Corps coming home from overseas deployment early to surprise his wife, Candace. Candace Valentine, a cheerleader with the St. Louis Rams, was on the field talking with(being distracted by) the team mascot when August approached from the corner of the end zone. Her reaction to seeing him, as well as their soon-to-come embrace was simply a great thing to see. Well played Lt., well played. Fox 2 reports that 1st Lt. Valentine is stationed in South Korea, where recent events between the North and South have escalated tensions to threats of all out war.

Marine 1st Lt. August Valentine, returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, made a surprise visit to the St. Louis Rams preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts at the Edward Jones Dome and reunited with his wife, Candace, a Rams cheerleader.

It led to a heartwarming moment. The Rams lost 24-14.

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