There’s been a serge of celebrity invites for the Marine Corps ball these last few years. Most think celebrity invitations are ridiculous because the Marine Corps Ball is not about them. It’s about celebrating the birth of the Marine Corps and everything that comes with it: the hardships, sacrifices, honor and prestige of earning the title Marine. In fact, some commands have flat out said no celebrity invites allowed.

Some videos are better than others. Some have poor video production with the wind blowing, blurry lenses and more. Some guys come off as stalkers. You decide: which one is the best and worst?

2015 Invite: Rhonda Rousey

This year’s top contender is an invitation from Marine Jarrod Hash to MMA Fighter, Rhonda Rousey whose video has been viewed almost 4 million times.

2015 Invite: Rhonda Rousey

But he’s not the only Marine to invite Rousey this year. This Marine actually invited her first, but his video hasn’t gone viral.

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