A week ago, the roar of motorcycles was associated with the sound of gunfire as a gathering of biker gangs in Texas resulted in a bloody melée that left nine people dead, scores of others injured and 170 under arrest. Yesterday in the nation’s capital, the resonating rumble of thousands of bikes marked a far different occasion — a respectful annual event that’s been held since 1988. Rolling Thunder honored America’s military veterans in a massive display of pride and patriotism that was reportedly free of any sort of violence.

According to an article on Yahoo! News, the 2015 “Ride for Freedom” drew an amazing number of riders and spectators from the Pentagon, across the Memorial Bridge, and on to the National Mall. “Organizers estimated that more than a million bikers and spectators attended, making it the largest one-day motorcycle gathering in the world, Rolling Thunder spokeswoman Nancy Regg said.”




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