Race baiters are once again showing us what they’re really all about . Recently, a picture showing a white cop holding a lost child was posted on the internet for everyone to see.  They seem to hate this picture because it goes against every lie that they want people to believe.

Last weekend, a typical day on patrol for  Officer David Taylor. He was patrolling the International Rice Festival in Crowley, La., when the strangest thing was brought to his attention. He was now faced with a lost child. A child who just wanted to be reunited with his family. 


Taylor then picked him up and made sure he was comfortable until he was able to reunite the boy with his mother about a half an hour later.

“He was extremely upset…I put him on my shoulders to see if he would be able to see his parents,” said Taylor. “He started to fall asleep, and I moved him down to my chest.”

A photo of Taylor holding the sleeping child has seen more than 5000 “likes” on Facebook.

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