April 20th 2005, Edinburgh Security and Risk Management had a low-profile motorcade operating on Route Irish in Baghdad, Iraq when it was caught in a linear small-arms ambush. The ambush was caught on video by a dash cam in the third motorcade vehicle. With the quality of the video being low its kind of hard to really tell what happens.

The first vehicle looks to be lit up pretty good during the first couple bursts, they dismount to engage the enemy. Is that the right thing to do? No…should have drove out of the kill zone, but with that being said I really don’t know happened in that lead vehicle, car could have went down, or bunch of them could have been wounded. At 0:38 you hear someone say “you’re hit in the femoral buddy” which is never a good thing. I think that rear vehicle took a couple of rounds as well. Hard to be sure but it looks like they are working on someone at the lead vehicle.

EDIT: Sent in from a fan

“This is the incident that made James Yeager famous. He had the parking brake left on in the lead vic. When they got hit, he panicked, tried to take off with it still engaged, and stalled his vic, leading them in the heat of the moment to believe it was disabled by fire. It wasn’t. The middle vic was the only armored one, and the reason they still sat there was they were afraid it would get mired in the median. Guy in the rear vic with the camera was hit through the femoral and bled out and died. Two others were wounded. Families sued Yeager later on.”

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