If you have never heard of A Gurkha Soldier you need to stop what you are doing and google them. They are part of the British Army and they carry around a traditional Kukri knife. Seriously these guys are the real deal and don’t play no games when it comes to fighting. They hold themselves to great honor and discipline, and would rather die then retreat.

One soldier that demonstrated this to the fullest is Cpl. Dipprasad Pun, 31, who single-handedly defeated more than 30 Taliban fighters that were attempting to overrun his checkpoint in southern Afghanistan. For his actions that day he was award the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by the Queen.


Cpl Pun was on guard duty at the time of the attack when he started hearing a clinking noise outside the checkpoint. He thought it could have been a donkey or a cow walking around the base, but when he went to check it out he saw 2 Taliban fighters placing an IED at the checkpoints front gate. When he looked around farther he realized that he was completely surrounded by enemy fighters. Suddenly all hell broke loose and the enemy opened fire from all sides destroy the guard tower he had just been standing in a few minutes prior. Cpl Pun jumped into the fight, defending the base from a roof, he laid wasted to enemy fighters trying to breach the compound wall. The enemy fighters were within 50 feet of him and at one point he turned around to see a Taliban fighter standing over him. He rolled over firing his machine gun into the enemy until he fell off the roof. As RPGs and small arms fire rained down on his position he continued to hurl grenades at the enemy. One enemy fighter climbed over the wall, Cpl Pun attempted to shoot him with his SA80 rifle but was out of ammo.

Jumping up from his position he grabbed a sand bag but it was not tied and all the contents fell to the floor. He grabbed the next thing which was a tripod for his machine gun and bashed the enemy in his dome piece killing him. At this point Cpl. Pun had used up all his ammo and grenades but 2 enemy fighters were still attacking when they walked right in front of his claymore mine setting it off. After he set off the mine killing the last 2 fighters his commander, Major Shaun Chandler, arrived at the checkpoint.

In total he fired off 250 machine gun rounds, 180 SA80 rounds, six phosphorous grenades, six grenades, five 203 grenade launcher rounds and one Claymore mine….oh yea AND A GOD DAMN TRIPOD BECAUSE HE IS A BEAST. The attack only lasted 25 minutes but was brutal and devastating. Beat a mofo with a damn tripod……LEGEND


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