Here is an awesome video of the Kurds laying the hate on some trapped ISIS fighters. Kurdish Counter-Terrorist Forces were taking back towns in the Kirkuk, Iraq from ISIS when they came under heavy fire from a few fighters located in the building you see during the video. The Kurds quickly close in and destroy the enemy by fire and close combat. You see them at 0:18 engaging the door way from where the ISIS fighter originally engaged them from then launching a rocket into the building. Afterwards looks like the fighter moves upstairs to make his last stand where he is quickly hammered by a .50 which sends him flipping through the air like free willy. They finally finish him off with a grenade at 1:53 which I’m sure if he wasn’t dead before he was surely killed by that grenade. The SF unit moves through the building clearing it and popping a few rounds into him at the end just to be sure. See what happens when you join ISIS.

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