In 1998 in the city of Cua in Venezuela 18 year old Hector Duarte tried to rob a bakery (idiot) but the cops were alerted before completing his half assed attempt. After exchanging rounds with police he was shoot in the left forearm and left leg…..but it wasn’t over.

Some how he managed to run up that apartment building in the background and took Mrs. Mercedes Lopez hostage after shooting her 10 and 12 year old sons in the legs. His demands were a car and two coffins ready, 1 for him and 1 for Mrs Lopez because that was the only way out for him. “You shoot me, I shoot her” he told the hostage negotiator. At that time 50 yards away on a nearby roof top a SWAT sniper placed a .302 caliber 75 grain round perfectly on that dudes face ending the siege. Tango down, good shooting.

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