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5 Vietnam War Pictures You’ve Never Seen Before; With Stories

Here are 5 pictures that paint a pretty wild picture of the Vietnam War with a little background on each picture. The Vietnam War.....A war...

5 Terrorists On Bikes Getting Destroyed

We've all seen that Taliban As*hat driving by. We know he's a terrorist but we can't do a damn thing about it. Anyone who's been...

What It’s Like To Stare Down the Barrel Of A Gun

The summer I was 10 years old, I saw Raiders of the Lost Arkover 20 times in the theatre. From that point on, I...

Medal of Honor- Vietnam- MSG Roy P. Benavidez

MSG Roy P. Benavidez Vietnam On 2 May 1968, 12 Green Berets were surrounded near Loc Ninh, South Vietnam, by an entire battalion of NVA. They...

What Happens To Veterans After The Smoke Clears?

It is another late night, and I look down into my drink with the single ice cube glistening as it floats around. I take the last swig of the strong brown liquor(it happens to be spiced rum tonight),and I think to myself,



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What Happens To Veterans After The Smoke Clears?