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Terrorist Versus Brick

Unlucky day for one terrorist scum bag in Syria. Fighter gets done taking some pop shots when either a tank or RPG round nails...

The Infantry: Plain And Simple

So many of you might wonder what does Infantry do when not slaying bodies and or vagina? Well aside from drinking whiskey, wrestling grizzlies,...

Your Reaction After Getting Your DD-214

A short video showing what happens to your body upon receiving the legendary DD-214, a complete and total shut down of all motor skills and...

Words Of An Infantryman Part2

Well most of us have seen the first Words Of An Infantryman Part1 with the perspective of one person in the infantry. I've made...

[WATCH] Iraqi Soldiers Having Fun With An ISIS Sniper

This reminds me of an account I read about French soldiers in WW1, basically doing the same thing messing with a German sniper. They...

Peshmerga Tazer ISIS Scumbag

  Just when you thought you had the upper hand you find yourself getting tazed by Peshmerga...FOR FUN! Maybe next time you don't join ISIS!...



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Peshmerga Tazer ISIS Scumbag