Just in time for the celebratory season, footage of a group of jihadists getting blown to smithereens has emerged. The footage, uploaded to LiveLeak, showed a tow missile hitting a group of Hezbollah and Iranian revolutionary fighters in Syria — and the results are not pretty.

As the Islamic State group continues it terror attacks on the world, leading nations have a way of fighting back that involves high-tech weapons that deliver immediate and deadly results.

This was the case with footage from this video that involved a TOW missile. The TOW missile is one of the most popular anti-tank missiles used by the military and they have a range of 4.5 km, or almost three miles.

In this video, a fireball made its way to the intended targets — unsuspecting jihadists. Justice was served quick and hot, as they probably didn’t even know what hit them — too bad, right?

We don’t know much about the video. Whoever posted it to LiveLeak claimed it was shot near Aleppo, Syria, but we have no way to verify that independently. The video was posted on Monday, but of course it could be much older than that.

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