The mysterious jumper who scaled a White House fence while President Obama was inside celebrating Thanksgiving with his family has been identified as Joseph Caputo from Stamford, Conn.

Witnesses told Fox News that Caputo was standing among a crowd when he took off his sweatshirt, wrapped himself in an American flag and declared, “Let’s do this.”

The security scare sent people running and screaming, said Vanessa Peña, who watched the scene unfold.

“It was chaotic, everyone around us was yelling, and kids were crying.”

By the time Caputo landed on the North Lawn, Secret Service agents had their guns drawn.

They proceeded to clear the area and place it on lockdown for nearly three hours.

Caputo, 22, has been charged with unlawful entry, Garrett Tenney reported on “Happening Now.”

He is scheduled to make his first appearance in court today.


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Source: Witness: Man Who Jumped White House Fence Said, ‘Let’s Do This’ | Fox News Insider

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