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10 stories we could see in the Lord of the Rings series

Many might imagine that the creation of a prequel series to The Lord of the Rings is for financial functions solely, however the actuality is that the stories of JRR Tolkien are so wealthy and in depth that there’s a enormous area of motion that Amazon Prime Video could draw from. benefit. Though there may be already an introduced solid and a pair of official photos, which are literally maps, it really isn’t but recognized for certain what the series might be about.

The few clues that these components give us and the current announcement that confirms that the series might be set throughout the occasions of the Second Age, give us an thought of ​​all the stories that the series could contact and the way it could be linked in a pure means with the trilogy. from The Lord of the Rings.

Listed here are 10 stories or narratives that we could (would love) to see in the prequel series of The Lord of the Rings.

The origin of Sauron

Initially Sauron is one of the angelic beings created by Ilúvatar, the creator of every part. Later he’s corrupted by Morgoth the first darkish lord who reveals himself towards his equals and his creator. By the finish of the First Age, Morgoth is defeated and Sauron hides for a number of centuries till he decides that it’s time to plan his revenge. On this means Sauron turns into the nice villain of the Second Age, when he forges the fortress of Barad-dûr close to Mount Doom in the lands of Mordor.

The series could present some of this origin story and develop all its later plans with which it deceives males, elves and dwarves to take management of Center-earth. Stories that unfold in the following factors.

Annatar: Lord of Items

In the occasions of each The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Sauron is an nearly intangible determine that manifests as a Necromancer or a watch engulfed in flames. Nonetheless, Sauron didn’t all the time have such an look. Throughout his beginnings when he started to work together with males and elves, he adopted the angelic type of a really lovely man who gained their favor by instructing them in the creation of rings of energy. Sauron remained as Annatar aka The Lord of Items for roughly 400 years, earlier than revealing himself as the horrible darkish lord that everybody remembers and fears for the occasions of the film trilogies.

The creation of the rings of energy

Sauron is exactly the one who instructs the elves in the creation of magic rings with totally different properties. Beneath the guise of serving to them preserve energy and granting them varied skills that could assist the peoples, Sauron along with an elf named Celebrimbor begins to create varied rings. After all that is all a plan in order that Sauron can later corrupt and management all the ring bearers. Nonetheless, Celebrimbor is agile of thought and creates three different rings of energy that in the end go to totally different lineages of the elves. One of them is proven in The Lord of the Rings in the palms of Galadriel (Cate Blanchett). As soon as Sauron realizes that he can’t exert management over the three rings of the elves, he assaults Celebrimbor and his kingdom.

Exactly the earlier story is expounded to the creation of the distinctive ring. The series could effectively present stories similar to the second when Sauron creates the ring with which he intends to manage everybody else, one thing that he finally achieves and provides him the pseudonym of The Lord of the Rings. This legendary episode could effectively serve the functions of the series and at the identical time set up the direct connection to Peter Jackson’s film trilogies.

The origin of the darkish specters

When Sauron ventures into the creation of the rings of energy, he items seven to the dwarf lords of Center-earth and 9 to the nice kings of males. Dwarves are cussed and don’t pay a lot consideration to items as they’re usually obsessive about digging in the grime. Nonetheless, people fall simply and there are 9 who give in to the management of the rings. Little by little they change into invisible beings with out will that adhere to a different spectral airplane of existence that solely the darkish lord can see. Absolutely you acknowledge the story, it’s the wraiths of the ring or Nazgul that hang-out Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. If the series focuses on telling all the particulars of the story of Sauron and the rings, it is rather doubtless that we will see the origin of these 9 darkish horsemen.

The instances of cordiality between elves and dwarves

Since we are speaking about elves and dwarves corrupted by rings, it’s recognized that in the Second Age each races maintained a reasonably pleasant relationship. The series could present the nice dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dûm in motion, a spot of which we solely see ruins and listen to stories in the first installment of The Lord of the Rings. There close to mentioned kingdom hidden deep in the mountains, was the elven area of Eregion the place Celebrimbor and his folks settled. Between the two communities there was a really fruitful industrial relationship that was damaged as soon as Sauron attacked Celebrimbor after the creation of the three elven rings of energy and the dwarves selected to shut their doorways to the exterior, changing into the “hermits” that we historically know by the motion pictures.

Throughout this stage of cordiality between elves and dwarves, there have been many tasks that each peoples carried out. One of them, for instance, was the creation of Durin’s doorways. As you bear in mind from the motion pictures, the kingdom of Khazad-dûm had two entrances and one of them was by means of enormous stone doorways that have been illuminated by the mild of the Moon and had a riddle of elven magic for the safety of the entrance. . How is it that gates with elven magic guarded the entrance to a kingdom of the dwarves? It’s because throughout the Second Age each races have been buddies and the varied moments they shared collectively could effectively be proven by the series that Amazon units up.

The Rivendell Basis

The dominion of the elves, which performs an essential position in each The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, was based throughout the Second Age of Center-earth. Elrond is accountable for taking his folks to the hidden paradise the place they take refuge after dropping a conflict towards Sauron, when he defeats Celebrimbor in his quest to acquire the rings of energy. If the series takes the path urged by this textual content, it’s greater than doubtless that we will see the younger Elrond establishing the paradise elven refuge of Rivendell.


One of the issues that has already been confirmed is the look of Galadriel, the mystical elf woman who in the motion pictures is performed by Cate Blanchett. In the series Morfydd Clark might be in cost of giving life to the queen in two episodes. Throughout the Second Age, Galadriel is already concerned in the political affairs of Center-earth and continuously visits Celebrimbor in Eregion or Elrond in Rivendell. It’s in all probability throughout this identical stage that you simply receive Nenya, one of the three rings of elven energy. The truth that the character is confirmed and that the publication of the official Twitter account of the series talks about the three rings of elven energy, makes us assume that in all chance we will see all these occasions in some unspecified time in the future in the series.

The creation and fall of Númenor

The maps revealed by the manufacturing of the prequel series of The Lord of the Rings present a configuration of Center-earth in which the Island of Númenor nonetheless seems. The historical past of this metropolis represents the finish of the First Age and the starting of the Second. As soon as Morgoth is defeated and Sauron flees, a lot of the males need nothing to do with the continent. With the assist of the Valar, the angelic and omnipotent entities which can be at the service of Ilúvatar, a bit of land is erected in the center of the sea to which males go guided by a star. The place is based by Elros, an elf who renounces immortality to information others to a brand new vacation spot. In actual fact, Elros is the brother of Elrond, who chooses at the moment to proceed on the path of immortality. Though Elros turns into a mortal king, he nonetheless lives for about 500 years and his offspring additionally get very lengthy lives. From this line the character of Aragorn descends.

Later, when Sauron makes use of his angelic masks to deceive everybody, he manages to achieve Númenor and together with his charms he turns into an advisor to King Ar-Pharazôn. Little by little he deceives him to persuade him to insurgent towards the Valar, the identical ones who gave the Island to males centuries in the past. The plan of course fails and the whole battle outcomes in the destruction of the Island at the palms of Ilúvatar, the nice creator of every part.

The delivery of Gondor

After the cataclysm, the survivors of Númenor flee to the mainland and located the kingdom of Gondor there. In the starting Minas Tirith is sort of a type of tower to protect the capital, which was Osgiliath, however later it turns into the nice white metropolis that we see in the motion pictures. The 2 cities are based by Elendil El Alto and from there additionally come up the palantir, these spherical artifacts that we see in the Lord of the Rings motion pictures and that assist Saruman to determine communication with Sauron or different related artifacts. This narrative simply units the precedent for creating the world we see in the motion pictures and makes it simple for the series to attach with Peter Jackson’s trilogies.

The Final Alliance

When Númenor is destroyed the nice battle nearly ends with Sauron fleeing formless to Mordor to determine his new refuge. After all he plans revenge and later faces the final alliance, named for the final union that exists between the males of Númenor, the elves, the dwarves and the males, to finish as soon as and for all with the {powerful} villain.

It was known as The Battle of Dagorlad and it’s the one which we see throughout the starting of The Fellowship of the Ring, the place Elendil the Tall loses his life and his son Isildur manages to tear the One Ring from Sauron. Additionally mentioned battle takes place in the swampy terrain that we see in The Two Towers, which by then is haunted by the souls of all the males and elves who misplaced their lives throughout the battle. This nice battle culminates the Second Age and would set up the direct reference to the movies. Will the Amazon series dare as an instance this occasion or will or not it’s based mostly on different previous stories?

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