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3 Apps You Want to Use (You Just Don’t Know It But)


3 Apps You Want to Use (You Just Don’t Know It Yet)

When you power up your new smartphone for the first time, you’ll find that it has pretty much every service you might need – and quite a few that you don’t. These built-in or pre-loaded apps are pretty decent at their job but very limited in some aspects – quite often, small but vital things – which makes using them a burden for some. Luckily, alternatives also exist, and these alternatives are often outclassing their built-in counterparts. So, if you too are dissatisfied with the built-in services on your phone, here are the ultimate apps for Android devices that you want to use – you just don’t know it yet.

Email: BlueMail

There are many email clients available today, some of them better, others, not so much – and few of them are as feature-rich as BlueMail.


It is a universal email app that’s free, secure, and versatile, capable of handling not just email but calendar and tasks as well. It supports multiple email service providers over POP3+, IMAP, and Exchange, including popular ones like Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud, it supports instant push mail, a unified inbox for all configured accounts, even custom sound and LED notifications for each individual account.

And most importantly, it dues quick replying, marking as read, and deleting emails from the push notification it sends.

BlueMail is free (ad-free!) for individuals and businesses and it has a Business version with features like corporate management dashboard, policy management, integration with various apps, and priority support.

SMS: Messages (by Google)

If you have an Android One phone, you are already using Google’s own “Messages” app. If you don’t, give it a try today. The Messages app supports SMS, MMS, and RCS chat, group texts, emoji, GIFs, stickers, and video messages (everything beyond classic texting depends on what’s supported by your carrier).

What makes it stand out is that Messages brings texting to the desktop: it has a web interface similar to WhatsApp Web where you can send and read messages from your web browser.



Finally, here is one of the most useful apps that you can’t find in the Play Store (sort of). Blokada Slim Adblock is an app using DNS servers to improve your web browsing experience and reduce the data consumption on your phone. Its name is not a mistake, though – it has a full version, too, with a much bigger feature set – but these don’t play well with Google’s policies.


The open-source Blokada app is a fully-fledged ad blocker with lists and a vast variety of features. It doesn’t need root access to function either, so it can run on pretty much every Android-powered phone. While you won’t find it in the Play Store, you can download and install it directly from third-party repositories like XDA Labs or F-Droid. It is completely free, ad-free, and completely open.

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