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30 Topics for Writing Science Research Papers

Writing a research paper is something a select group of people is comfortable with while some seem to struggle. There is no denying that a high level of investigation is needed to produce the best possible paper on the topic at hand.

Research papers are very different to research proposals even though the writing process does share some similarities. Research papers are meant to challenge a student’s theological understanding of a specific topic. A proposal on the other hand is a paper that needs to convict an audience the value of a particular research project.

In other words, a research proposal is seen as a pitch but instead of having a physical product on show, the paper is the product. There is no shortage of topics a student can choose from when they are asked to submit a research paper.

For the sake of this article, the focus is on science topics and these tend to be the most complex. This is because many students have no idea where to find the data they need to bring their research paper to life. The stress can get to them, and they end up sitting down and asking themselves “who will write my research paper for me like an expert”.

Confusion is normal because students have an unlimited library of topics in the science field to choose from and it can be tricky to pick one they find worth it. No one wants to pick a topic that has very little data and it is up to tutors to offer a high level of guidance.

Without guidance, a student will find it hard to find informative topics. If you are a student that is looking for a topic to write science research papers on, this article will provide guidance.

Interesting and engaging research topics

Topics that are engaging and interesting vary from one person to the other because of personality, perspectives, choices, and more. We all go through different things in life and things that are engaging or interesting to one person might be boring to another. While some people might love robotics as a topic of interest, others might go in a different direction and look at diets and nutrition.

These two are not the only interesting and engaging topics one can write about. There are more like computer science, environmental research, cancer research, infectious illnesses, nanotechnology, space research, and more.

You can choose your favorite topic from any of the above and produce a top-quality paper because there’s plenty of information online. You just have to make sure that the information you use is up to date because you will be penalized. Also, in the science world, things always change all the time and it is important for you as a student to make sure that your knowledge is up to date.

Topics in the forensic science field

Forensic professionals are people who look into crimes to find evidence to convict criminals without any reasonable doubt in the court of law. Forensic science is very important today because it helps solve plenty of legal matters via investigations, identification, and other forms of evidence collection methods.

The TV shows and movies of today do a very good job of giving people an insight into how certain cases have been solved using forensic science and the role it’s played to get a conviction. Any student that has an interest in writing a paper centered around forensic science, there are so many topics they can look into.

These topics are alternative genetic markers, forensic anthropology, sperm detection and separation, crime scene investigation, trace evidence, impression and pattern evidence, miniaturization and automation, forensic toxicology, forensic pathology, and more. As pointed above TV shows and movies have done well to give people glimpses of how forensic science works but you can get topic ideas from them as well.

Controversial science topics

There is no shortage of controversial topics in the science field or any other field for that matter however, you need to trade carefully. Topics that raise more questions than answers turn out to be the most controversial because they are considered problematic. If you want to take the controversial route, some topics you should be looking at include abortion, vaccines, nuclear power, global climate change, cannabis legalization, GMOs are safe, and more.

Good science topics for research

The main objective of a good science topic is to create a model, pattern, or concept that builds a foundation for further research in the future on the topic. There are many examples of good science topics one can explore and these include proof of the UFO existence using scientific evidence, geocentric theory, does life exist in outer space, and the connection of science and biology.

One can also look at biology and ecology, photosynthesis, molecule biology, genetic modeling, parasitic plants, chemical reactions, the influence of vitamins and amino acids, chemical reactions, and much more. These are just a handful of topics but there are so many of them.


Based on the above research paper topic suggestions, it is clear to see that picking one you can do comfortably is a huge task. If you pick your topic wisely and intelligently, you will have no issues producing good quality work before your deadline. There will be times you won’t be able to find all the information you want and need for your paper. When this happens, you can turn to professional research paper writers who are ready to help you.