365 Days Part 4  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

A lot of people have been watching 365 Days on Netflix since it came out in 2020. The third part of the movie came out in August 2022 and has been watched 39.31 million hours on Netflix. Fans still can’t stop guessing how it will end. Blanka Lipińska has written three books so far, but she hasn’t written her fourth one yet. But wait, this is not a bad thing. 

The film adaptations have already diverged a lot from the book’s story, and there’s an excellent likelihood we’ll get a fourth one. Here’s what we know concerning a possible fourth movie, even though nothing has been announced yet.

365 Days Part 4 : Release Date

In just four days after the first segment of the movie came out, it was watched for 39.31 million hours. So that’s pretty much why the creators chose to separate the two parts. Also, the movie is based on a book that was written by Blanka and Lipinska. She actually published three books, which is why the motion picture has three parts.

At the moment, we have no official confirmation on whether the movie will have a Part 4 or not, but there is a good chance that it will be repeated for another part. But there are a lot of things that affect that: First, the author has only written three books, and the movie already talked about them. Most of what was used in the movies came from the book, thus we are left waiting until the final instalment of the book comes out. 

With all the attention the series has gotten so far, the author could surely write a fourth book. Both of the following movies came out so close to each other (in April and August 2022). This is because they were both shot beginning at the same time.

A fourth movie may not have been made in secret, so we could be stuck waiting a few months. Since 365 Days or its follow-up, 365 Days: It Day, developed just over a year apart, that seems like a better time for a fourth movie to come out. That means Laura and Massimo might not be seen once again till 2024, if they ever do.

The 365 Days 4 : trailer 

Sadly, no. Netflix hasn’t even said yes to 365 Days 4, therefore they haven’t started shooting yet. There will be a long time between now and when we see any film. 365 Days 4 hasn’t even been approved by Netflix yet, so shooting hasn’t begun and won’t be done for a long time. The video for the third movie came out just a few weeks before it came out. Now you can watch the whole Laura and Massimo series again on Netflix. The Next 365 Days is on Netflix right now.

The 365 Days 4 : Cast

  • Laura Biel is played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka.
  • Don Massimo Torricelli is played by Michele Morrone.
  • Nacho’s name is Simone Susinna.
  • Olga is played by Magdalena Lamparska.
  • His name is Domenico Otar Saralidze.
  • Klara Biel is played by Ewa Kasprzyk.
  • Tomasz Biel played by Dariusz Jakubowski
  • Don Fernando Matos played by Ramón Langa

They play Laura and Massimo, respectively, and it wouldn’t be a 365 Days movie without them. If there was a fourth one, they’d be there for sure. Nuno, played by Simone Susinna, is now the third important character on the show, so he will also be back. What he does might additionally have a bigger effect on Laura’s future, but we’ll talk more about that later. 

Magdalena Lamparska is likely to come back as Olga, Laura’s best friend. Otar Saralidze, who had not much to do in the third movie but is Olga’s fiancé and Massimo’s right-hand man, should also come back. Klara and Tomasz, Laura’s parents, could also show up in small roles, which they did in the third flick, where Ewa Kasprzyk as well as Dariusz Jakubowski played them.

365 Days 4 : Storyline

So far, nothing has been said about how the fourth movie will be made or what it will be about. However, we think that Giorgio or Nacho will keep trying to win Laura’s love. A future movie might be about more Mafia business. They were engaged in the subsequent movie, so it’s likely that they’ll get married. 

As we know, Laura picks Nacho in the book while Massimo holds her hostage and tries to get her pregnant, so that’s one way the fourth movie could go. There is also a chance that Netflix may be working on another film that will show the events of the first movie from Massimo’s point of view because people want to see the plot again from his point of view. 

But as of now, nothing is official, so fans will have to wait for official announcements to find out more. Watch this space for official news. Part 4 is also very possible because of how part 3 ended. We didn’t know who Laura picked at the finish, so the final section might answer that question. The third segment of the movie is where the main events took place:

Nacho promised that he would patiently wait to feed Laura while she met with Massimo, but Laura is depressed. Laura is already thinking that Massimo may be mad at her because he knows the events between her and Nacho. On the other hand, Massimo is only happy.

Massimo then tells Laura his heart was devastated when he realised Laura couldn’t talk about anything with him about the death of their baby. He thought he was an honest husband and that she could tell him everything. There is a moving moment when Laura tells him that he will definitely be a good dad someday.

Do you remember that line from the beginning? He asks Laura, “Are you lost, little girl?” Are you back, little girl? That’s the end of the third part. That being said, Part 4 might tell us who Laura picks. After that, it might look into their connection even more. 

We can see Laura’s best friend getting married because she got engaged throughout Part 2 of the narrative. There may also be a change in their friendship. There could be additional drug trade and the gang.

The actors or people who made the movie haven’t said anything about the story yet, but they may soon. Given that they were made right after each other (in April and August 2022), both of the subsequent movies turned out relatively close to each other. We’d be stuck waiting a long time for the fourth movie because there are no signs that it was made behind closed doors.

There was two years within 365 Days and its follow up, 365 Days: This Day. This makes it probable that a fourth screenplay is being made. We might not be able to see Laura or Massimo again until 2024.

Netflix decides if to add a new movie as well as a TV show depending on how well it does at its first 28 days. So, we could not be waiting that long for finding out whether or not Netflix will add the new 365-day movie.

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