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5 Classic Offline Games To Play Online

5 Classic Offline Games To Play Online

There’s no shortage of excellent modern games to play online, but they’re not the only ones that are available. The internet era hasn’t just brought about new titles; it’s brought about the digitization of historical games, too. And that’s excellent news for people who have, in the past, had to find other people if they wanted to play a favorite game. It’s also great for people who just want to try their hand at the games of yesteryear. 

Here, we’ll run through some of the best “classic” games that are available to play online, both in browser mode and on mobile. 


The everlasting popularity of chess is truly impressive. It’s so old that no one can remember when and where it first developed, which is another way of saying: it’s very old. The game is estimated to be at least one thousand years old. 

So, if you’re looking for a challenge while you’re on the train to work, think about downloading one of the popular chess apps. You can play against other people (strangers or people that you know), or test yourself against the computer. AI chess is perhaps getting too good, however, so if you’re new to the game and want to avoid losing within a handful of moves, check the ‘easy’ level. 


Poker has come a long way since its development way back in 1829. During the early days of the game, you’d have to travel to the rough and ready saloons of New Orleans if you wanted to try your hand at winning big, but thankfully, things have progressed. Today, you can play poker online against other players across the country and beyond, all from the comfort of your own home. And we imagine that’s a little more pleasant than the experience of players in early 19th century New Orleans!


Go is even older than chess and, though it’s not quite as popular, it still draws plenty of players. Part of the enjoyment is the challenge of the game – Go is arguably even more difficult to master than Chess. There are apps and websites where you can play against friends, strangers, or the computer. 

If you’re new to the game or just want to improve your skills, check out some of the online resources that’ll help you to understand the rules better. Because make no mistake: this is a difficult game! Did you know that the number of moves you can make in a game of Go is greater than the number of atoms in the universe? 


Chess, poker, Go. Are you noticing a theme here? All the classic games that last the distance are difficult to play. We can lump Scrabble into that category, too. This word-based game isn’t as old as the others on this list, having been invented in 1933, but it’s one of the more widely played pre-internet era games.

You can play online or on your mobile. If Scrabble doesn’t float your boat for whatever reason, you’ll find a host of similar games. Words With Friends is highly popular, for instance. And every word fan must check out Wordle, a daily game very much from the modern era that’s a lot of fun to play.

Magic The Gathering

Magic the Gathering is a classic game, but it’s not that old. Dating back to only 1993, it’s younger than the internet! But historically, this game has been very much played offline. If you’re a Magic player who, for whatever reason, is unable to play against other live players in the real world, then check out Magic Online or MTG Arena. They’re especially good options for newcomers who want to hone their skills before entering a live competition. 

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