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6 Christmas games we always look forward to playing

6 Christmas games we always look forward to playing

6 Christmas games we always look forward to playing

Christmas is the best time of the year. From the delicious Christmas dinner packed with roast potatoes, turkey, and pigs in blankets. To singing along to Christmas songs and watching a plethora of festive films. 

And of course, you can’t forget the best Christmassy thing of all – the family games!

For the best Christmas games, you and everyone else is sure to be looking forward to this year. Along with a recap on how to play. Here is a collection of six festive games for all to enjoy.

Ho Ho Ho Blindmans Bluff

This game can be played with a minimum of 4 people.

It’s the “blind man’s” role to find the elves in the room by touching and listening to their surroundings. The elves may say Ho Ho Ho from time to time to confuse the blindfolded person as to where everyone is in the room.

The elves can creep and hide in spots to avoid being caught by the blind man.

To begin playing, you simply nominate someone to be blindfolded. A scarf usually acts as an excellent blindfold to make sure the blind man’s eyes are completely covered. 

Once their eyes are sealed, it’s time to give them a little spin. Three turns to the right, and left, will usually be enough to prevent the blindfolded player from sensing what part of the room they are.

As mentioned above, the elves are tasked with avoiding being captured by the blindfolded player. 

But if the blindfolded person finds the elves, they must say Ho Ho Ho in a disguised voice. 

Suppose the blindfolded person recognizes who the Ho Ho Ho belongs to. The captive elf must then turn into the blind man.

Spanish Christmas Lottery 

Another essential game for any festive occasion with family and friends is the Spanish Christmas lottery. 

The lottery is much more fun than playing board games. With a much better potential reward too! 

Websites like make it quick and straightforward for you and your festive guests to submit your tickets online. El Gordo will take place on 22nd December 2020. 

If you and your family won’t see each other this year, the Spanish lottery is one way to stay connected and have some fun through a shared experience.

The anticipation of waiting for your lottery numbers to appear is exciting for family members and friends. You never know, one of you might win! And make it the most joyful Christmas yet.

If you want to, you could agree if someone wins, everyone shares the prize money. In doing so, you can all boost your chances of winning.

Christmas Charades

Charades is a classic and popular game to play at Christmas. Charades gets everyone involved and laughing as the mimers attempts to act out a book, movie, or song.

However, there’s a catch with Christmas charades – whatever title the mimer chooses; it has to be related to Christmas.

To play, the actor or actress must think of a Christmas-themed movie, TV program, play, or book, etc. Like the Grinch. With an idea in mind, it’s time to act it out. 

The mimer will use hand gestures to reveal whether the title is a book (connect the inside edges of the hands and pretend to read to show people it’s a book). 

And then go on to identify how many words the title has by displaying them on their fingers. A further hand signal indicates which word the leading player will act out. 

For the grinch, players might hunch over and walk around grumpily. Maybe even pretend to dislike the tree in the room in a humorous way. 

Family and friends need to guess the title, and whoever succeeds takes the Christmas charade actor’s spot.

Human Christmas Tree

If you or your family fancy themselves to be the best tree decorators. Have you ever thought about who the best human tree decorator is?

Ideally, this game works best with six or more players divided into teams of two or more. The teams will decide who will become the Christmas tree.

At everyone’s disposal should be some Christmas decor to wrap the human Christmas tree. Anything from Christmas wrapping paper, tree decor, bows, tap, mistletoe, garland, and pinecones will work.

After setting a timer for one minute, all teams need to wrap their human trees-fast! The decorators who complete the best tree in the quickest time become the winners. 

Suppose you’re planning on taking part in this game. In that case, you may want to practice your wrapping and tree decorating skills now to boost your chances of becoming the master human tree decorator.

Festive Hunt – Hot or Cold Game 

Choose a room in the house, like the sitting area, to plant a series of festive gifts. The presents can be anything from chocolate coins to toys or vouchers. Just make sure no one in the house sees you hiding them. 

When you’re ready to play over Christmas, invite your family into the room where the gifts are hiding. Everyone needs to sit down and guess where the prizes might be. 

Each time a person guesses, you announce to everyone whether the guess is hot (very close) or cold (far away) to give everyone a clue where the gifts lie.

Whoever guesses where the gifts are gets to keep them. 

Christmas Dance Freeze 

Get everyone up moving and dancing, and spark the competitive streak in family and friends with a dance freeze contest. 

Begin by blasting Christmas tunes for the kids and adults to jump around to. Then when everyone least expects it – stop the music. 

Check everyone is standing statue-still. If you see anyone move, they lose. And whoever is left standing at the end of the contest becomes the Christmas freeze, king or queen.

Christmas games are often a traditional part of most family’s festive holidays. The ones above are great for bringing out the inner child in everyone while also bringing the family together. If some of the above games are unfamiliar to you, why not try them out this year. 

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