90 Day: The Last Resort for Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The world of 90 Day keeps growing with the addition of the new sister show, 90 Day: The Last Resort. Following some of the most famous couples from the 90 Day Fiancé titles as they have professional help to fix their relationships, the show stars them. 

Based on the title, it sounds like the couples are trying everything they can to work out their problems as a last option before they have to break up for good. What kind of people are in the first season of the television show? This is all the information we have about 90 Day: The Final Resort.

90 Day: The Last Resort for Season 1 : Release Date

On Monday, 14 August 2023, at 9 p.m. ET, TLC will air the first episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort. Five famous 90-Day Fiancé pairs who have hit their breaking point will be on the spin-off. The two of them chose a big choice as a last-ditch effort to save their marriages. What might appear to be a relaxing getaway will actually help the couples who are going to figure out if they can heal old hurts or build a strong relationship that will last.

90 Day: The Last Resort for Season 1 : Trailer 

On Thursday, July 6, 2023, 90 Day Fiancé posted the video for 90 Day: The Last Resort on YouTube. The video shows a place on the beach with beautiful views, like a calm beforehand storm. “For the very first time ever, four 90-day lovers will come in tandem to face their romantic demons,” says a voice-over. 

90 Day: The Last Resort for Season 1 : Cast

  • As of July 27, TLC revealed the full group for season one in 90 Day: The Last Resort. The pairs that will be on the show should make it interesting. Check toward the list below, and don’t forget to read our Meet the Cast article, where we look at the couples’ journals.
  • “Jovi or Yara are deeply in love and can’t deny their attraction to each other, but as time passes, anger has grown and caused an emotional rift between them.” They find out that they don’t get along at the resort because they can’t decide who they would like for their futures.
  • “For the past two years, Ed or Liz have been breaking up and getting back together all the time.” Fear and trust are wearing thin, and the other person wants to get away. They want to be able to break down walls and start over with a new life that could include a wedding and a new home.
  • “Angela and Michael love each other, but being in a long-distance relationship for five years has hurt them a lot. They are now physically and emotionally worlds apart.” Because they are lonely, they have made bad choices and are wary of each other.
  • “Kalani and Asuelu are having a rough time with their relationship when they get to the resort.” As they try to figure out how to trust each other, big secrets are revealed. How can Kalani along with Asuelu get back together through therapy? Can they get over their mistakes and find love a second time, not just for themselves but also for their kids’ sake?”
  • “Molly and Kelly are having a hard time talking to each other right now.” Molly and Kelly broke up after only a few months while living together in Georgia. They now wonder if they actually know another at all.

90 Day: The Last Resort for Season 1 : Storyline

The video for the first season of 90 Day: Final Resort shows that the show will be about five 90-day married couples who are about to break up. Even though these couples have tried their best, they have been fighting. They are looking forward to a couples break to see if they can work out their problems.

The couples that will be on 90 Days: The Last Resort are not known yet, but TLC has announced what their therapy will be like and the problems they will have. They will be able to get different kinds of help from psychiatrists Petey Silveira, Dr. Jane Lacy, along with Dr. Jason Prendergast, the network said.

They are looking forward to intense couple’s therapy, reliving past lives, intense group therapy, one-of-a-kind events on and off the island, and a lot more. In 90 Day Fiancé: Love at Paradise rolls to an end, fans will have just enough time to find a new show they love. If you watch 90 Days: The Last Resort often, you may recognize the five couples and she will be competing.

The countdown to the release of 90 Days: The Last Resort has just begun. There are already stories going around about the next season, like who might be cast and what pairs might leave the destination together.

Just over a month until its exciting premiere, 90 Day: The Last Resort promises a completely new look into the lives of some of the most interesting 90 Day Fiancé pairs. The point of collapse has been reached by five couples who have been engaged for 90 days. As a last-ditch attempt to save their marriages, each couple will go on a trip to see if they can heal old scars.

With the help of a group of experts, they will work through problems with trust, sex, jealousy, anger, and closeness. The next part includes fun group classes, in-depth meetings with couples, previous-life regressions, one-of-a-kind vacation activities, and a lot more.  After the vacation, each couple has to decide if they would like to stay together or go their separate ways.

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