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A Brazilian women’s soccer team suffers an attack and a player is sexually abused after losing a match

Posted: Dec 4, 2021 20:09 GMT

The Military Police received notice of the incident and dispersed the assailants, however, no one was detained.

The women’s soccer team Abelhas Rainhas suffered an attack after losing 3-2 to Fluminense-PI on matchday 3 of the Brazilian Piauí Championship, explained coach Begao Silva. As they prepared to leave the Lindolfo Monteiro de Teresina stadium, two unidentified men stole the briefcase to the president of the club, Quiteria Alves, and a player was sexually abused on the club bus while waiting for his companions.

The technique reported that the footballer who suffered the abuse, whose identity was not revealed for security reasons, was touched in her private parts by one of the assailants and screamed for help. At that moment, the bus driver was chased away by one of the criminals, who was going armed with a knife.

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The Piauí Football Federation (FFP) reported that the Military Police received notice of the incident and dispersed the assailants. Alves’ documents and money were recovered, after the attackers left them lying, however, no one was detained.

“It looked like a horror movie”, assured the director of the club. “I couldn’t even sleep, thinking about everything that happened, which could have been worse, this story could have taken another direction, it could have been a sea of ​​blood. […] Very scary. What hurts me the most is having heard from a representative of the Federation that we were wrong in this situation, “revealed Alves, hinting at the common culture of blaming the victims.

Likewise, the match referee, Antonio Francisco Cordeiro de Paula, did not report the episode lived by the athletes and employees of the club, arguing that “security is the responsibility of the State outside the stadiums.” “The FFP clarifies that it has always made an effort for the safety of all those involved in the games in all the facilities of the State sports centers, but unfortunately, outside the stadiums, we are all subject to the insecurity that prevails in our society” , says the statement issued by the entity.

For his part, the president of Abelhas Rainhas reported that the FFP promised to assign police surveillance to the team when the next matches end.

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