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A naked man stabs himself to death in front of a dozen policemen in a central Spanish square

Posted: Nov 24, 2021 13:47 GMT

The actions of the agents, who did not try to arrest the young man at any time, has been harshly criticized.

A young man in his 30s has taken his own life in the center of Zaragoza, in the interior of Spain, before the gaze of a dozen police officers who attended his self-stabbing while pointing their weapons at him and insisting that he depose his attitude.

The events occurred on Tuesday morning, when the man was seen running naked along Santander Street, a wide avenue very close to the old town of the Aragonese capital, with a dagger in the hand.

Pedestrians and drivers notified emergencies and up to eight crews from the Citizen Security Brigade of the Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon traveled to the area. Precisely the events were precipitated with the arrival of the agents, since the self-injury occurred when the subject saw them.

WARNING: The following images may hurt your sensitivity.

In the middle of the roundabout in the Plaza de Roma, the man stepped into the small pond that it houses, barely a foot deep, and there he began to stabbing oneself in the chest and abdomen until it fell into the water, already stained red.

The emergency toilets who traveled to the place could only certify the death and activate the judicial protocol for the removal of the body. Now the event is being investigated by the Homicide Group, whose main hypothesis is that the man suffered a Psychotic attack.

Shock and controversy

The scene was watched by a large number of neighbors and pedestrians, as well as by at least a dozen police officers. In addition to the enormous commotion that it has caused, what happened has ignited a great controversy around police action.

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His inaction is criticized and that they were limited to only surrounding him from out of the water while they pointed several pistols at him. No agent carried out no initiative with a view to stopping himThey did not surround him from behind, nor did they enter the water. Although the speed with which the events occurred did not give them the opportunity to call the negotiator of the National Police Corps, who would have been in charge of trying to dialogue with the young man.

For its part, the Jusapol police union has valued the actions of the agents as “impeccable”. He maintains that they tried to get the man to depose his attitude while forming a security perimeter to prevent other people from being injured.

“The agents they met all the protocols operative in this type of incidents and they acted in an impeccable way, ensuring that the situation did not get worse and guaranteeing the safety of the citizens and the agents themselves, although unfortunately, they could not do anything for the person who was self-injuring “, it is stated from the union, according to various media.

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