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Acer America announces the Nitro XF252Q and Nitro XF272 X Gaming Monitors

Acer America has come up with Nitro XF2 series which has two monitors including XF252Q and XF272 X with quick response times. Acer America never disappoints its gaming fans as they provide best features. Earlier, they released a gaming monitor, Predator XN253Q X with 0.4ms response time.

The specialty of these gaming monitors is their speed and color precision if these are used with right pieces of equipment. Ronald Lau, the director of the company said they are bringing these monitors so that gamers have a better experience.

“Our newest gaming monitors deliver amazingly high speed and precise colors for clear visuals, ensuring gamers don’t miss a thing,” said Ronald Lau, Acer America director. “Superbly smooth performance makes them a great choice for hardcore games,” he further added.

Acer Nitro XF252Q is 25-inch gaming monitor and Nitro XF272 X is 27-inch monitor. Both the gaming monitor comes with a three-year warranty on parts and labor. These panels have 170 and 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, respectively. Gamers can have their gaming sessions in Full HD 1920×1080 with the refresh rate of 240Hz. The response time of XF252Q is 0.3ms, while the response time of XF272 X is incredible 0.2ms.

 Nitro XF series has taken care of long gaming sessions by providing friendly features such as BlueLightShield, acercomfyView, Low dimming, and Flickerless. These all the features will relax your eyes to some extent.

Now, we will come to the best part of these monitors and that is Acer game mode which provides 8 preset modes. These modes are available for action, sports, races, users, standard, graphics, ECO and film. You can get these modes by hotkey via OSD menu. Moreover, you will also get a built-in Black Boost with 11 levels of optimization to change the context of the visual.

Acer Nitro XF252Q has come in the market and priced at $350 and another Nitro XF272 X is yet to come. This will cost around $450.

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