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Activate Windows 7 Using CMD

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How To Activate Windows 7 Using CMD

The usual ways of activating Windows 7 on your computer are easy and involves the Windows 7 product key. This code is available at the time of purchase on the CD that you receive alongside it for activation. Most of the methods, the alternate ones too, involve this code. However, sometimes you would notice some issues in the usual prompt. 

Your computer would display information like ‘Windows is not genuine’ and that would hamper your regular work. The other option for this is to use a Third Party Administrator, but that is not always effective. Alternatively, using the Command Prompt or CMD is a useful command to turn your Windows 7 genuine when the original windows 7 activation key expires. 

There are some basic steps for doing so, and you should access them carefully. They are as follows. 

Step 1

The first step that you should do is to uninstall the Code Update named KB971033. However, the 6-digit number behind KB is not always the same for every model and system. Therefore, you should keep a good eye on that. 

  • In order to uninstall this code, open the menu from your ‘Start’ button of your Home Screen. Open the ‘Control Panel’ and a dialogue box full of options would come up.
  • Consequently, you should choose the option ‘System and Security’. 
  • When the dialogue box for this appears, select on the term Windows Updates, and another list would appear. 
  • From this list, choose the option ‘Installed Updates’ present in the lower left side and then click on it. 
  • When you do so, many lines with commands would appear. From them, you should delete the one that has KB971033 mentioned (or KB+any-6-digit-number. The code should have KB is the beginning). Therefore, this update would get uninstalled from your system. 

Alternatively, you can also press the Window key and R button at the same time on your keyboard. A dialog box with the ‘run’ command would appear. In the written portion, enter your CMD command, and then press the ‘OK’ option.

Step 2

Following this, run cmd.exe as the administrator. If you chose the Windows+R as your choice, this would start directly after pressing the OK button. 

Step 3

After this step, you would receive the option to fix your license status. In the ‘License Status’ option, you would notice this as the term ‘notification’ or some similar term. The command that you require to fix the status is ‘slmgr -dli’. 

Step 4

There is a serial that is already working inside of your system. You need to uninstall it for the entire process to work systematically. Hereby, entering the command ‘slmgr -upk’ would help. Indeed, this would take your system and this feature back to the TRIAL stage. 

Step 5

In order to simultaneously reset the license status and the activation of your system, there is another important step. To clarify, after running the cmd.exe command, a command prompt would appear. Here, type in the command ‘slmgr -rearm’. This should work automatically. The message box with the information ‘Command completed successfully’ should appear within 5 to 10 seconds. 

If the information ‘Windows is not activated’ appears, do not pay much attention to it. You should focus on the next steps instead. 

After this, restarting your computer is your next crucial action. However, there are many other factors that work subsequent to this and you should keep a note of that. 

  • The message Slmgr -ipk FJGCP-4DFJD-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR2 serial OEM would come up on your screen. This would occur to showcase that the key got installed accurately. 
  • The next step that you should focus on is ‘slmgr -xpr’ which would permanently activate the CMD. Similarly, it would also show the expiration date of the ongoing license. 
  • Following this, you should enter the command ‘slmgr -ato’. This would prompt the activation of Windows. Also, you should note the space between ‘r’ of ‘Slmgr’ and ‘a’ of ‘ato’, as any mistakes can negatively impact the entire process.  

After all these commands are fulfilled, the next step for you is to restart your system again. Consequently, your Windows 7 software would become genuine. 

Thereafter, you would have a legitimate software and do not have to worry about the command ‘Windows 7 is not activated’ to come up again. Indeed, this method makes the changes in a permanent way, which is good for your system. The regular functions of your Windows would commence effectively. 

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