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Amador Mohedano’s version of his estrangement from Rocío Carrasco

Although Rocio Carrasco He has been silent for two decades, his family has spoken, and a lot, in recent years. Among them, Amador Mohedano, who at the time alluded to two main reasons that caused him to distance himself from his niece. We rescued some statements from the ex-husband of Rosa Benito that take on special relevance while waiting for the daughter of Rocío Jurado give your version.

Amador explained the main triggers that caused the family breakdown during an interview on ‘Sábado Deluxe’ that aired in 2016. There she assured that she had her reasons for distancing herself and recalled an “ugly” that she and her husband, Fidel Albiac, did to her. during a Christmas gala that was held on TVE when the artist was in poor health. “They walked behind me when Rocío Jurado was sick”, counted.

An episode that recounted in the following way: “Secretly, they convinced her to do that gala.” He stressed having refused to be present at the gala. «I stood up and when I said that this betrayal was not allowed, my sister on her knees took me by the ankles and he made me swear by my mother and by God that I was going to be there, because if I was not there, she was not going to do it and it was going to cause a problem ”.


After the broadcast of the gala, Amador would have spoken with the couple and would have reproached him for having “taken advantage” of the circumstance, knowing that Rocío was ill. «They have never been interested in Rocío’s career, neither him nor his daughter. There, the only one who has been with her for 40 years has been me ”.

The sounded inheritance

Another of the main reasons that cooled the relationship was the “confrontation” that occurred over the will of ‘La Más Grande’. Amador said that the family felt “surprised” with the distribution that the executor was making. “We were confident that everything that was in the will would be fulfilled, but we saw that it would not, we decided to stay with my niece.”

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They met at a hotel in Madrid and Rocío Carrasco surprised by appearing with a lawyer. “Your mother’s will is not being carried out here,” they told her. They did not reach an understanding and the meeting, according to Amador’s testimony, ended abruptly. She would have snapped the following phrase at them: You know what? They looked for life ».

They had to meet again and the disagreements came to light again. It was then that her brother-in-law José Antonio Rodríguez, Gloria Mohedano’s husband, said something and according to Amador, Rocío Carrasco told him: “You are a scoundrel.” That moment began a family confrontation. “As a result of the inheritance, we said: ‘I just don’t know what else this girl wants.’

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