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An unsolved double femicide reveals a necrophiliac who abused the corpses of women in morgues for years and filmed it

Posted: Nov 11, 2021 19:38 GMT

The scale of the crimes became known last week, when the defendant pleaded guilty to two murders in 1987.

The Secretary of Health of the United Kingdom, Sajid Javid, announced on Monday the opening of an independent investigation into the case of the former hospital electrician David Fuller, accused of sexually abusing a hundred corpses of women, including adolescents and elderly women over 85 years , and filming their actions, among other crimes.

The objective of the investigation is to prevent similar cases in the future, as well as to establish how the defendant perpetrated the harassment without being detected for so long.

Unresolved femicides for more than 30 years

The scale of the crimes of Fuller, who has been under arrest since December 2020, became known last week, when he pleaded guilty to murdering Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in the town of Tunbridge Wells in 1987.

At that time, the agents collected forensic evidence of both femicides, but could not find the criminal, since at that time “DNA profiling was in its infancy,” the Kent County Police explained in a statement.

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However, after more than three decades without solving the cases, a significant breakthrough occurred in 2019, when investigators compiled a list of people whose DNA resembled that of the killer. Thus they reduced the group of suspects to find the trail of Fuller and arrest him.

Harassment that went unnoticed

After acknowledging both murders, the man also pleaded guilty to sexually abusing the lifeless bodies of women in hospitals where he worked.

“Between 2008 and 2020, Fuller filmed and photographed himself sexually abusing the bodies of dozens of women and girls in two Tunbridge Wells hospital morgues that he was able to access thanks to your work as a maintenance supervisor, “the Guardian quotes an excerpt from the British Crown Prosecutor’s Office investigation.

During the search of the detainee’s home, investigators found storage devices with millions of indecent images of minors and extreme pornography. Most of them came from the Internet, but hidden in a closet they found two hard drives containing recordings of Fuller’s necrophiliac acts.

“When those hard drives were examined, they were found to contain a library of unimaginable sexual depravity“said the prosecutor in the case, Duncan Atkinson.

During his questioning, the defendant admitted using Facebook to search for photos of the people he abused in the morgue. In addition, he used the identification tags and accounting books of the hospital establishments to later name the files.

Police confirmed that there were at least a hundred victims and managed to identify 81 of them, said Chief Detective Paul Fotheringham.

The date of the hearing for the sentencing of the case has yet to be determined. A preliminary report of the investigation is expected to be released in early 2022.

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