Angels Of Death Season 2  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, andEverything You Need to Know

Otakus from all over the world have been waiting a little over two years for Season 2 of the cartoon Angels of Death to come out. Watchers were scared by the show’s first season, but they loved its dark and scary tone.

Because of this, there was a huge desire for the second part right after the first one ended. So, will you ever be possible to see the anime series’s follow-up? Read on to find out. Angels of Death, also known as Satsuriku no Tenshi, was a Japanese cartoon show about psychological horror. The story is based in part on a video game trilogy by Makoto Sanada with the same name.

I have good news to learn from all of you who liked Angels of Death. The first season came out a long time ago, which may have made them give up on making a new season. But making anime takes time. That being said, Rachel and Zack might be back on TV by the end of this year. Read the story below to find out more about the show.

Angels Of Death Season 2 : Release Date

No one who makes the show has said anything about a second season, and now the news comes out here. This might be because the new season is a cartoon and not a real season. It demands an extended amount of time to make animation, and it takes days to draw each frame, etc. There is no real action creation like there is live action. It’s hard to guess what show is being made unless someone leaks information about it.

Because of the pandemic, it may be taking too long. The pandemic has hurt the cartoon business. This complicated, well-drawn world might be hit the hardest. There has been no official word on the brand in a long time, which has kept many fans cold.

There is no set date for when it will come out, but there are a lot of rumours in the mainstream press that it will come out within 2023 and 2023. Some people have heard that the original network could lease the footage to Netflix or another streaming service.

The first season’s popularity and unclear ending made it possible for a second season. Also, the fact that the anime is an accurate version of the popular original game shows that there are people who want more.

Angels Of Death Season 2 : Trailer



Angels Of Death Season 2 : Cast

This season, the long list of well-known dub acts is back. Here has a list that includes all the great artists who made these figures come to life.

  • Akira Sakurai and Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Nathaniel Fujiwara
  • Karen Mariya Ise Hōchū ŋtsuka
  • Hikaru Chisuga

Besides that, the English remix artists will also be back. The story in season 1 was pretty much over, so there is no knowledge about the new characters. They would have to make new friends and enemies for our heroes. 

There is no question that they will show respect because the characters and voice actors are so good. Fans have thought that a lot of people from Zack’s past could become important figures. These people wouldn’t be in the show’s main cast, but they will fit right in. Since the show is drawn, many characters from season 1 who aren’t alive anymore can be seen in the dream scene. Future episodes of the show can go into more detail about the strange parts.

Angels Of Death Season 2 : Storyline

A thirteen-year-old girl is at the centre of the story. While she is at the hospital, she sees a murder happen. The reason she was taken from the hospital was to get help after both her parents were killed.

She opens her eyes later and finds her character in the basement about a building she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how she got to the hospital or what happened there. Another very scary thing about the building was that every floor had someone living there who planned to kill and had brains that were not working properly.

All of that she encounters to go through in order to get away from this pain. She meets someone named Isaac there who wants to kill everyone who wants to live. As soon as she sees him, she begs him to spare her, nevertheless Isaac vows not to because she is not someone who wants to live. She makes a deal with him that he is to kill her before she helps him get away.

There were many scribbled messages, countless amounts of different feelings, and events in this series. It ended, but there were still a lot of problems. 12 or 13 years old When Rachel wakes up, she is stuck in the crawl space of a building that has been abandoned. It’s like she has no memories and has no idea where she is. She looks for a means out. 

As she looks for him, she finds him with bandages all over his body. He says his name is Zack and holds a sickle that looks like the grim reaper’s. As the two unusual friends try to get out of the dangerous building, they form a strange bond that is strengthened by a crazy promise. But there are a bunch of crazy people waiting at the building who are going to stop them from leaving for any means necessary.

This is Rachel’s story. She is thirteen years old. She has no idea what will happen or why when she wakes up the next time. The fact that Rachel has no clue where she is or what happened makes her feel shocked and alone.

The girl meets a hurt man with bandages all over him on her way. The girl and the stranger decide to stay together and figure out how to get outside of the building. Rachel Gardner, 13, is taken to the hospital after seeing a murder. The show is based on her story.

But for some unknown reason, she gets up in the lower level on floor B7 and can’t remember anything except her name and why she was taken to the medical centre in that initial place. Rachel finds out that they are part of a game where each player has been given a floor, similar to the popular horror series Saw.

She does this through mysterious broadcasts and scrawled notes. Anyone who wants to sneak onto someone else’s floor has a chance of being killed. Rachel, because she is young, doesn’t quickly understand how important the situation is.

She goes to floor B6 and is almost killed by a group of assailants named Zack. She makes it through the ordeal, finds out that Zack is trying to flee, and joins them. Zack says he will kill Rachel as soon as he gets out of the game, but Rachel decides to work with him to get out of the horrible game.

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