Apple might be launching its tracking device, named Air Tag, soon

The long-time rumored tracking device of Apple might launch soon and will probably be named “Air Tag.” 

On a 9 to 5 Mac folder, equipped with iOS 3.2, which recently launched, had the same name according to some users. The latest operating system came in-built with the name “Air Tag” and its folder location. 

Though primary evidence has been found regarding the launch of the new tracking device by Apple, the company has not officially revealed anything. 

Coming to its features, “Air Tag.” will probably be able to be paired with individual iPhone devices, just like Apple’s AirPods can do. Many are being sure of the particular feature because Apple already has its ‘Find my Device’ application installed on the iPhone for quite some time now.  

According to the users who were able to get a sneak peek of the folder, they told that the folder had images of other already launched Apple products, like AirPods and HomePod. However, there was no sneak peek of the rumored “Air Tag,” in the folder. 

The news extended the curiosity of the users was a video named “Battery Swap,” which, the users are suspecting to be the latest feature of “Air Tag.”

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