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Bode Miller, Morgan Beck haven’t named 7-week-old daughter

Bode Miller and wife Morgan Beck have a bit of a dilemma.

The Olympic skier, 44, and the professional volleyball player, 34, are having a hard time picking out a name for their 7-week-old daughter.

“When you give birth at home, you don’t have to name the baby right away,” Savannah Guthrie said on Wednesday while speaking to the couple on the Today show. “When you give birth in the hospital, you have to fill out the birth certificate or they won’t let you leave.”

Miller explained that it is “hard” to pick a name for their newborn as they attempted to “get used to” her changing personality.

“She’s stumped us on names so far,” he added. “We have a lot that we like, but she hasn’t smiled or high-fived or anything when we say them to her, and we say them to her all the time.”

Beck shared her “front-runners,” revealing that the names are “Skyler, Scarlett, calling her Lettie, or Olivia, calling her Liv. All kind of have a special meaning to [them.] So we may have to reach out to our social media followers and ask for some assistance because she has not really been giving us many answers.”

bode miller
Possible names include Scarlett and Skyler.
Courtesy of Today

Beck already shares kids Edward, 7, Easton, 3, and twins Asher and Aksel, 2, with Miller.

Miller is “huge fan of Liv” and he joked on the talk show that “it’s a little bit frustrating that it’s one of the most popular names this year because most of the names of our children aren’t terribly popular. But we’re not going to let that stand in the way, obviously.”

The New Hampshire native is also a dad to sons Neesyn, 13, and Samuel, 8, from his past relationships. He and Beck were parents to daughter Emeline Grier, who died in 2018 after she tragically drowned.

He then got candid about his late daughter’s memory.

“Emmy was such a great balance because she was such a powerhouse and then when she passed, it was shocking because you really felt this energetic shift in the house,” Miller said. “Obviously we were all suffering and everything, too, but there was this gap there for all the boys. And now they have this little girl. It just makes them gentle. You’d be blown away.”

bode miller
Beck and Miller lost their daughter Emeline Grier in 2018.
Courtesy of Today

Miller and Beck welcomed their sixth child together last month. The two have been calling their daughter “Ocho,” the Spanish word for “eight” as she is the family’s eighth kid.

Beck also took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to ask her followers for their help in picking out a name. She also picked “Olivia” as a middle name and she held a poll for the second middle name: either the moniker “Khione” or “Grier.”

If parents decide to not give their newborn baby a name, hospitals will write down “Babygirl” or “Babyboy” as a placeholder on the birth certificate. Parents will be able to change the name once they decide on a title.

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