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Chasani-Mithas Jindagi Ni

Chasani-Mithas Jindgi ni is one the most awaited Gujarati upper-class movie releasing tomorrow on 19th July. After the blockbuster Gujarati movies “Thai Jase” Manoj Joshi again comes up in the latest movie “Chasani-Jindgi ni Mithas” We hope you watched the trailer of this movie till now and eager to watch a full movie which is going to release tomorrow on 19th July

Everyone is waiting for the movie Chasani-Mithas Jindgi ni is releasing tomorrow. Already there is advance booking done in many theaters. The main actor Divyang Thakkar is playing the role of true Lover and he is teaching to Mr. Manoj Joshi that how to love his wife. The name of the Chasani indicates that Chasani is Like Our Life partner. As it but obvious “jalebi is Worthless Without Chasani” Same it is “Life is worthless without a life partner”.

Movie Name Chasani – Mithash Zindagi Ni
Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama
Cast Manoj Joshi, Sejal Shah, Divyang Thakkar, Maira Doshi, Ojas Rawal, Ashish Bhatt, Vaidehi Upadhyay
Director Abhinn – Manthan
Music Director Prashant Satose
Cinematographer Tapan Vyas
Producer Munna Shukul, Shikha S Sharma & Jayesh Patel
Banner Shukul Showbiz & Sagar S. Sharma Production
Release Date 19th July, 2019
Sensor U
Runtime 143 minutes

In this movie Writer Of the story “Veer Vasishth” wanted to learn the importance of our life partner into our life. If our life partner accepting your everything without any excuses, then you should come to know that she is definitely compromising with some facts but you don’t know about that. The writer has address the 2 part of Love Story like “Tyaar ni love story” and Atyaar ni Lover story”.

After watching the trailer of this movie we can assume that the whole story is on the Divyaang Thakkar is teaching to Mr. Manoj Joshi that how to love his life partner. One of the best Garba Song is also included in the movie to make it very interesting. “Chakdol Chale” Is the best song running in the Gujarati Garba. There also some best songs in the movie like “ Tuje Re” and “Breakup Anthem” is the attraction of the Movie.

Overall in my view, Chasani-Mithas Jindgi ni will be the best movie ever in urban Gujarati movies. We hope that this movie will make many people understand what the writer would like to give the lesson of life by addressing the word “Chasani”. In the story, we will see that One person Mr. Manoj Joshi has completed 25 years of marriage but didn’t find love in his relationship and another side a 25 years old Divyang Thakkar has lost his love. The whole movie is the journey on the understanding of true love.

Review Of Chasani – Mithas Jindgi Ni

The movie Chasani is a modern love story of old age and modern couples. You might find this line funny, but the movie is even funnier. The film runs on comedy. The movie is filled with comedy scenes all over.

However, it is the emotion that drives the film. Love is what keeps the film interesting throughout. You will see everything in the film love, marriage, break up, friendship, relationships and much more. So to conclude it, I would say it is a family entertainer and you all should definitely consider watching the film.

My Rating: 3/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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