Chrome 78 Experiment Stage Out Now: Install It On Your Windows, Android And macOS

Surprisingly and happily, we all were able to see Chrome 78 in your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and this new Chrome version of the browser comes with huge new options. This is one of the most awaited news for the fans of apps with dark modes. Google has introduced many new options such as perhaps unsurprisingly which helps you to enable dark mode. We would like to inform you that one time if you enabled this option, you will be able to see each and, every website in dark mode whether they support dark mode or have their own dark theme.

But guys, I want one thing to be clear that is Chrome 78 is an experimental option at present, so there will be no reference to it in the Settings menu, instead of this, you will have to enable the relevant flag within Chrome.

If you are lucky enough then, you will get an option for enabling it or you can do it on your own with a unique method of dark mode implementation such as RGB-based color inversion, or CIELAB-based inversion. Yes, it will take some time with each one, which will help you to know which operates best for you.

Many New & Exciting Features In Chrome 78

Yes, of course, Chrome 78 is much more than you think, it’s not just a new dark mode option. We would like to give you some information regarding Chrome 78. First of all, if you are the person who loves to open several tabs than you will definitely, aware of tabs that get smaller to make space for more tabs, and it’s creates difficulty in finding such a particular tab, which you are finding. So to help you out from this problem, Google has declared ‘Tab Hover Cards’, These alter the popup that normally displays when you surf over a tab and showcase much more information in a much clearer way. There are so many new options and features in new Chrome 78 and if you really want all those new options and features then install Chrome 78 directly through Google, or just check for updates in the version you have pre-installed.

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