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Colorado Mom arrested under the allegation of murdering her 7-year-old daughter

Approximately two years ago, the Colorado woman has claimed about the death of her 7-year old daughter due to a certain incurable disease but now, the fact of the mother murdering her daughter came to the surface.

Named as Kelly Renee Turner, a lady of 41, was put to charge with two counts of murder and child abuse. Though the case was quite an emotional one for the police to investigate, they handled it with much professionalism.

The mother was arrested on Friday at a hotel in Glendale, Colo. According to the reports of the police, it was not only the case of murdering her own 7-year-old daughter but other allegations of theft, charitable fraud, and forgery charges were also there against her.

According to the reports of Fox 31 Denver, she was presented at the court on Monday under no bond release criteria.

However, the mother had spun quite a good story saying that she herself was a victim of neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy and her daughter being a victim of intestinal failure.

After gaining the sympathy of the mass, the mother tends to have raised a fund of around $22,000 from a charitable fund, known as GoFundMe.

Further inquiries proved that neither the child nor the mother ever went through any such health conditions or, was even victim to any disease.


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