Country Queen Season 2  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Country Queen serves as a Kenyan soap show about people who live in the country and the greed that could destroy a place that used to be quiet. The series, which was written and created via Good Karma Fiction, is the first Kenyan picture to be shown on Netflix.

It follows the adventures of Akisa, a city girl who wants to rid her town of the evil that lives there. A minefield in the village looks like a fun adventure for life, however when it looks like wiping out all human life, the city girl has to decide between living the high life and starting a hard but satisfying job. But will Akisa be successful?

There’s no need to worry if you want to know more regarding this web series; we have everything you need to know about Country Queen season two.

Country Queen Season 2 : Release Date

Netflix’s first effort to offer streaming services in Kenya was a TV thriller called Country Queen, that came out on the service on July 15, 2022.Melissa Kiplagat, Marvin Alusa, Nina is a Wacera, Raymond’s Ofula, or Sheila Munyiva play the lead roles, in that order.

Some of the languages that the actors and crew spoke on the recording are English, Swahili, as well as additional local languages.Each season of Country Queen lasts about an hour, and there are six shows in total.

The second season of the show hasn’t been given the go-ahead yet, and no information was shared about it, so no one knows what will happen next.The ending of the first season was pretty exciting, which could lead to a second season, but we don’t know for sure yet.

The first season, which had six shows, came out on July 16, and the upcoming season might do the same. IMDB gives the show a score of 5.7/10 a month after it came out. The show has a higher-than-average number, and it’s likely that there will be a second season soon.

Country Queen Season 2 : Trailer

So far, there have been no announcements about when the second instalment of Country will be out. A video has not been shared yet because there has been no official word on whether or not there are plans for a second season. We can only guess what’s going on right now.

Country Queen Season 2 : Cast

As of September 20, 2022, the creators of County Queen are yet to make any public announcements about the group members for the next season. But after a lot of study and leaks, we know that some cast members from the last season will be back.

These are them, 

  • Akira played by Melissa Kiplagat 
  • Kyalo played by Melvin Alusa
  • Nini Wacera plays Vivienne Blessing Lung’aho, and Max Lung’aho plays Maxwell.
  • Anna played by Sheila Munyiva
  • It was Raymond Ofula as Mwalimu.
  • Isher played by Mumbi Kaigwa
  • Titus played by Eddy Kimani
  • Musa is played by Joel Otukho.
  • As Prof. Brian Kisau, Oliver Litondo plays him. As Josiah Frank Kimani, Jima
  • Actor Robert Agengo plays Silas
  • Kanini is played by Shix Kapyenga and Charlie Karumi is Musyoka.
  • The actors who played Jay and Olwenya Maina played Joe Murage.
  • There is Ebby Weyime as Murage’s boss and Nice Githinji as Grace.

Country Queen Season 2 : Storyline

Country Queen was a Kenyan thriller TV show that premiered on July 15, 2022. The story was created by Good Karma Fantasy and is set in modern Kenya. The main character is Akisa, an IT girl from Nairobi who is cut off from her family or her town, Tsilanga. 

The plot of the show shows how ordinary Kenyans live in a world ruled by strong people who constantly threaten their homes and way of life. Land theft and abuse are central to the story. The first season of the show follows Akisa Musyoka’s story.

She is an event planner from Nairobi who doesn’t follow the rules set by a society that values men over women. Because of her situation, she lives two lives. Capitalism has destroyed the town she lives in and hurt the people who live there.

Along with her terrible situation, Akisa has to deal with the horrors from the past that keep coming back to bother her. The season ends in a way that feels like a fulfilling ending, but it also gives room for plots that could happen in later seasons.

Netflix is ultimately in charge of continuing the show, and we have hope that its management will listen to what fans want. We don’t know anything about the story of season two yet because the show ended a few weeks ago. The show still hasn’t been given the go-ahead, so we have to wait to see if it comes back. 

Until then, we’ll have to find the right finish for the show in a world that isn’t too far away. If the show is picked up for a second season, we can expect the plot to build on how the first season ended.

There was a small Kenyan girl who came back to her town after eleven years in the first season of the show. As a city girl, her sick father proved the main reason she moved back to the village. But when she learns that gold reserves could wipe out the village and her family, she is to fight for the good of everyone. 

A town with a lot of family problems and crime needs to find a balance to stay alive. Because Netflix wants to grow in other areas, though, a second season could not be the most important thing for the streaming service right now.

Meanwhile, Netflix has been changing their business plan so that they can release more shows and appeal to a wider range of people. In light of this, all news at this point is just speculation. If the series is picked up for a second season, you can expect Akisa to keep in search of her and her long-lost boy and working against corruption. 

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