Crash landing on your Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Crash landing on your Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

No doubt, season 1 of Crash Landing on You has a lot of fans, and people loved seeing how the main couple interacted with each other. After season 1, people actually wanted the couple to come back in season 2, and the show’s production company gave a few updates about Crash landing in you season 2. If you want to know if the show will be renewed and what the most recent updates are, read this article.

At the moment, “Crash Landing on You” is the third most popular South Korean cable TV drama ever.

The romantic Kdrama series hit Netflix with a huge splash in December 2019, and it’s remains among the most talked-about Korean shows to this day. The story of “Crash Landing on You” is about a South Korean heiress who lands in North Korea by accident while paragliding.

The series, which was authored by Park Ji-eun and directed by Lee Jeong-hyo, is liked for its look, story, and sweet romance. Let’s find out what will happen next with this very popular show.

Crash landing on your Season 2 Release Date:

Crash Landing on You hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, and there aren’t many chances that it will be. Because of this, there is still no release date or time for Crash Landing on You season 2.

There are no plans to keep the show going, which means there is no date set for season 2. From December 14, 2019, to February 16, 2020, the first season of “Crash Landing on You” was shown on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix around the world.

Crash landing on your Season 2 Trailer Release:

tvN Network has decided not to air the second season of Crash Landing on You. So, for the time being, we can’t tell you anything about updates to the trailer.

If the creators decide to change their minds, this section will be updated as soon as possible. You can watch the trailer for Season 1 of Crash Landing on Your Show below. The official trailer for “Crash Landing on You” will make you love it all over again. You can still watch all of the episodes of “Crash Landing on You” on Netflix.

Crash landing on your Season 2 Cast:

We don’t think there will be a season 2 of “Crash Landing on You,” so we’re already getting used to the sad idea that the original actors won’t be back.

The people who are in season one are Son Ye-jin plays Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea while paragliding.

Ri Jeong-hyeok, the Skipper of Corporation 5 in the Korean People’s Army, is played by Hyun Bin. He is a man who keeps his feelings to himself.

Seo Ji-hye plays the role of Seo Dan, the heiress to a department store in North Korea. Their parents agree that she will be Ri Jeong-fiancee. hyeok’s

Gu Seung-jun, aka Alberto Gul, is played by Kim Jung-hyun. He is a South Korean con man who stole money from Se-family. ri’s He runs away to North Korea to hide, where he meets Dan and falls in love with him.

Crash landing on your Season 2 Storyline;

In “Crash Landing on You,” Son Ye-jin plays Yoon Se-ri, the South Korean heiress to a big business empire. She also needs to run her own business, Se-Choice, ri’s so she can make money on her own and avoid her stepmother’s anger.

She goes paragliding one day and gets caught in a tornado that she didn’t see coming. She ends up crashing in North Korea, in which she fulfils Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin).

Yoon Se-older ri’s brother ran the family business while she was away, and his wife also wanted to get Se-Choice. ri’s When they found out that Se-ri is still alive, they did everything they could to keep her from coming back.

Throughout the show, Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok spend a lot of time together as Captain Ri tries to get Yoon Se-ri back to South Korea without being caught. Yoon Se-ri sees how hard life is in North Korea while she is staying in a foreign country. She learns to enjoy the simple things in life.

Both of their lives got better because of that chance meeting. Yoon Se-ri goes back to South Korea, where she changes into a much nicer and more generous CEO. Captain Ri gets to follow his dream of becoming a musician.

At the conclusion of the performance, the two of them got back together in Switzerland. Now that Jeong-hyeok is out of the military, he works as a professional pianist for North Korea.

If Netflix’s Crash Landing on You comes back for a second season, the story is likely to be about the trouble between North and South Korea on the political front. It would be intriguing to observe the way the background love story is put together by the director.

It was said earlier that the creator wants Yoon Se-pregnancy ri’s to be the end of the first season, but he changed his decision last minute. Fans of the show in South Korea and around the world are now hoping that the second season will focus on Son Ye-character jin’s when she is pregnant.

If the people who made Crash Landing on You agree to make Season 2, it could be a modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet. Even though they are very different, Yoon Se-ri falls in love with RiJeong-hyeok. When her life was in danger, even RiJeong-hyeok was seen heading to South Korea to save her.

But neither tvN nor Netflix has said that for sure yet. Hang tight to Devdiscourse to find out what’s going on with the South Korean show.

Ratings and Reviews for The Second Season of Crash Landing:


The rating is how everyone rates a show. The scores are the best way to tell if a show will stay on the air or not. The higher one’s rank, the more likely it is that they will stay alive. On IMDb, the exhibition has an 8.7/10 rating, and on Rotten Tomatoes, the average audience rating is 98%.


This is the first Korean drama I’ve seen, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know how to describe how I feel while watching this show. You have to see the magic on the computer monitor to believe it. It was all done.

Emotions, a great main couple, a bad guy, great secondary characters with their own problems, and all of this. It’s not enough to say that I loved it. This was the second time I cried during a TV show, just after red wedding in Game of Thrones.

This story needs to be seen by more people. Even though each episode was almost as long as a full-length movie, I still liked it. It’s not even a flaw, since I like shorter episodes.

Where Can You Watch “Crash Landing”?

There are 16 episodes of the initial season of Crash Landing on You, and all of them are available to stream on Netflix. In the TV show Crash Landing on You, two people from different parts of the same country fall in love.

Popular things about the show Crash landing on you are its storyline and the way the main couple interacts with each other. The show’s overall rating is also high, and if you like to watch Korean romantic shows, Crash landing on you is this same show you should watch.


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