Drifting Home Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

Drifting Home Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Drifting Home is a Japanese family drama cartoon series that will start airing soon. The show is set to come out on Netflix this Friday. The streaming service as well as Studio Colorado also have a deal for three films, the first of which, “Drifting Home,” will be released this month.

Since the teaser for the show came out, fans have been waiting for it to come out. Also, here are a couple of things you need to know about the movie Drifting Home, which is coming out soon.

“Drifting Home,” a new anime that is coming out soon, has the support of the whole anime community. The video for the anime just came out, and since then, ‘Drifting Home’ is all anyone can talk about.

You must be thinking what it is about this cartoon that people love so much. Well, I’m wondering too. Learn more about moving home by reading.

When Will Drifting Home Be Out?

The Netflix show “Drifting Home” is a bomb that has been dropped on the peaceful cartoon world. The trailer for the show has made people truly leave everything else behind and get behind it.

Drifting Home is a sci-fi and action-packed anime series that is directed by Hiroyasu Ishida as well as written by Hiroyasu Ishida, Hayashi Mori, as well as Minaka Sakamoto. Studio Colorido made the cartoon. It is known for films like Penguin Highway as well as A Whisker Away.

From the video, it’s clear that just one of the homes in the colony moves out to sea, trapping six kids inside. The whole series revolves around how they try to get out of there.

Now, let’s get to the main point: Netflix has already said when Drifting Home will be out: it will be out on September 16, 2022. Even though it’s still months away, we should be glad that that we know when it’s coming out, because if we didn’t, the wait would have annihilated us.

Now that we know when it will come out, let’s be patient and wait. Make sure to check back to learn more about Drifting Home.

Cast Of Drifting Home:

  1. Asami Seto plays Natsume Tonai
  2. Mutsumi Tamura plays Kōsuke Kumagaya
  3. Ayumu Murase plays Noppo
  4. Bin Shimada plays Yasuji Kumagaya
  5. Daiki Yamashita plays Yuzuru Tachibana
  6. Inori Minase plays Reina Haba
  7. Kana Hanazawa plays Juri Andō
  8. Nana Mizuki plays Satoko Tonai
  9. Yumiko Kobayashi plays Taishi Koiwai

Drifting Home Storyline:

Six kids get stuck in a flat that floats out to sea. This is the main plot of the story. The anime begins with a flashback to when Kosuke and Natsume were kids and best friends. When Kosuke’s grandpa dies when they are within sixth grade, their friendship starts to fall apart.

Years later, when Kosuke and his friends are on summer break, they break into an old flat which is about to be torn down. People don’t go inside because they think it’s haunted.

Kosuke sneaks in because he and his grandpa used to live there, and all of his best memories with his closest companion Natsume are within the flat. Kosuke meets Natsume there, which is a surprise, and they talk about their pasts. He asks him if he knows anything regarding Noppo, who is a mystery.

But all of them pass out all at once when something happens. When they wake up, they look outside and see a huge ocean. They notice that they are within the ocean and discover that the flat is moving away from them.

Six of them work together to get out of here and get to the land. during the series, we see them enjoy the sea, make memories, cry, be afraid, fight, and work as a team. And a trip to say goodbye to summer starts.

Will they both be able to get home? Or will they fall into the ocean and sink? Wait as well as watch Drifting Home to find out everything.

Where Can You See “Drifting Home”?

The cartoon series Drifting Home was full of sci-fi and excitement, and you can watch it on Netflix.

Trailer For “Drifting Home”:

As we’ve already said, the finer details of “Drifting Home” might be kept secret until the movie comes out on Netflix in September.

For now, though, you can enjoy the new video for the upcoming movie’s enticing cartoon style and fantasy plot. There’s even a longer summary from Netflix below, which should satisfy even the most curious people.



What Is The Story Of Drifting Home?

Even though the main parts of the story have been shown, each new video for “Drifting Home” manages to maintain a huge number of smaller details secret. The first preview came out in September 2021, a full year before the movie was set to come out. Even months later, the second teaser still leaves a lot to be wondered about.

With each new piece of information, though, it becomes clearer how important childhood memories are. Kosuke and Natsume were best friends as kids, but they have grown apart now that they are in their tweens.

This is mostly because the people who used to live in the apartment complex where they both utilized to live moved out years ago. Now, the structure is going to be condemned as well as torn down.

This brings the two back to explore and look for ghosts with their friends before the building is gone forever. But while the children are urban spelunking, something they didn’t expect happens.

After being knocked out by a strange event, the group gets up and discovers that the whole apartment complex is now floating in open water and is being carried by the waves to an unknown location. The story of “Drifting Home” is about how the group of friends try desperately to stay alive and get back to their families.

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