Drive-Away Dolls Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Drive-Away Dolls by Ethan Coen looks like it will explore his trademark dark humour and strange characters, who are all brought to life by a very talented cast. He doesn’t have his brother and frequent partner Joel Coen with him this time, but he does work with Tricia Cooke, who helped write the script for Drive-Away Dolls and has edited many of the Coen Brothers’ greatest films in the past. 

In many ways, Drive-Away Dolls is both a slice-of-life or crime comedy movie while also being a LGBTQ+ road trip movie. So, since Drive-Away Dolls changes the story of the Coen brothers, it might appeal to both old-school and new fans of the brothers.

Drive-Away Dolls : Release Date

The movie Drive-Away Dolls will now come out on February 23, 2024. It was supposed to come out on September 22, but the movie wasn’t released until the start of the year. It’s now one of the many movies that were supposed to come out in the fall of 2023 but had to be pushed back because of the ongoing strikes by Hollywood writers and stars who want new contracts with the companies. Feel the tension, feeling, and excitement as the story unfolds; it will keep your heart racing from beginning to end.

Drive-Away Dolls : Trailer release

The much-anticipated video to Drive-Away Dolls has at last been released, giving fans a sneak peek at the movie’s exciting story and action. You will be fascinated by the chemistry within Qualley and Viswanathan as their characters fight violent crooks in a race against time while in dangerous situations.

The trailer for Ethan Coen’s first movie as a sole director, Drive-Away Dolls, was put out by Focus Features. The video shows the cast and gives off the basic plot of the road trip, but there are additionally a few parts that you might miss, which are sure to spark discussion.

Drive-Away Dolls :Cast

Drive-Away Dolls will have a lot of attractive players.

  • Juan Pablo
  • Cara played by Annie Gonzalez
  • Judy Garland as Jamie
  • Mark Damon Colman Matt Hi, Domingo
  • as Marian played by Geraldine Viswanathan
  • Dear Beanie Feldstein
  • Billy Camp
  • arliss played by Joey Slotnick
  • Daniel Johnson plays Slappy’s Patron (only for credit).
  • Big Connie Jackson
  • He played Lock Up Thug, Angelo Maldonado Jr.
  • Phil Nardozzi as Baxter’s Resident
  • Who is Doreen? Abby Hilden
  • The young Haley Holmes playing soccer.
  • Cop Phil McFall
  • With Michael Worden as Finn, his husband David as a guest of El Conquistador

Drive-Away Dolls : Storyline

Focus Features has posted the official story description for Drive-Away Dolls below: Jamie is an uncontrolled free spirit who just broke up with an accomplice for the third time, and Marian is a shy friend who needs to open up right away. 

They decide to go on an unplanned getaway to Tallahassee to start upside down but their plans quickly go awry when they come in a group of bad crooks. Like the various other comedies and dramas that Ethan Coen and his brother have directed together, Drive-Away Dolls has a fast-paced story that starts with a trip to Tallahassee. 

Jamie, who is lonely and trying to heal over a loss, suggested going on a road trip. When they rent a car for a road trip, they accidentally find a mysterious suitcase. Also, the other girl Marian is very scared and requires a break to calm down. 

The peek didn’t say much about what was in the box, but it’s likely important to the story in some way. “Written by Ethan Coen or Tricia Cooke, the hilarious caper stars Jamie, an unrestrained free spirit who just broke up with a girlfriend for the second time, and her shy friend Marian, who needs to loosen up badly.” 

They decide to take a spontaneous road trip with Tallahassee in search of a new start, but proceedings quickly go wrong when they meet a group of bad crooks along the way. “A film directed by Ethan Coen.”

In this comedy romp, Jamie, an unrestrained free spirit who just broke into a girlfriend again, and her shy friend Marian, who needs to loosen up badly, are the main characters. They decide to take a spontaneous road trip on Tallahassee in search of a new start, but proceedings quickly go wrong when they run into a group of bad crooks along the way.

The story was written by Tricia Cooke and Ethan Coen. Cooke worked as a producer on previous Coen boys movies like O Brother, Where You Are? and The Man Who Was Not There. She additionally worked as a director on other movies including The previously Notorious Bettie Page or Solitary Man.

The main characters in most of the Coen Brothers’ movies have been lonely guys with a lot of mental baggage. The only exceptions are Frances McDormand at Fargo or Hailee Steinfeld, who starred in True Grit.

By making the main characters two young LGBTQ+ women, Ethan Coen or Tricia Cooke give a crime comedy a new look. Collins told Collider that the Drive-Away Dolls “has more of a wacky, absurd Raising Phoenix thing,” but Coen said that the main characters give him new ideas to explore.

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