Empire Season 7  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know.

After the big series ends today, is there any expectation that Empire season 7 will come out sometime in the future? There are a lot of strange things going on in the world right now that make us think this is something to think about.

Empire tonight wasn’t supposed to be the last episode. Before the current health crisis, there were going to be two more episodes after this one. But because of the crisis, the show had to cut down on the number of episodes it would air.

Empire Season 7 : Release Date

FOX has finally ended the TV show Empire. Empire’s sixth season will be its last. We don’t know what FOX has planned for the coming season yet. As of the twentieth of December, 2023, there were no plans or dates set for season seven.

Empire has been everyone’s best show, and a lot of people have liked watching it. Fans have been excited to watch the upcoming season of Empire ever since the end of the last season, which left us on a big cliffhanger. 

They can’t wait for the final date and time that Season 7 of Empire will come out. Still, we won’t know when and how to watch Empire season 7 until we get official word that it will be renewed for a seventh season.

Empire Season 7 : Trailer 

There isn’t an official trailer for the new season of Empire yet because it hasn’t been announced. Some reliable sources say that Empire’s sixth season will be its last.

Empire Season 7 : Cast

  • Terrence Howard, whose real name is Lucious Lyon (born Dwight Walker), is an old drug dealer who has become a hip-hop mogul. He started Empire Entertainment and has been its CEO for a long time.
  • Loretha “Cookie” Lyon, née Holloway, is played by Taraji P. Henson. She is Lucious’s vocal wife and the mother of the three boys.
  • Hakeem Lyon, played by Bryshere Y. Gray is Lucious’s youngest boy and his favourite child. He is a rising hip-hop star who is obsessed with fame.
  • The third son in the Lyon family is played by Jussie Smollett. He is a skilled gay singer-songwriter who hates how the music business works as a business.
  • Trai Byers plays Andre Lyon, the chief financial officer of Empire Entertainment and the oldest son from the Lyon family.
  • Grace Byers plays Anika Calhoun, who was the eager head of Empire Entertainment’s A&R department at first.
  • Vernon Turner is played by Malik Yoba. He has been Lucious’s friend, business partner, and head of Empire Entertainment for a long time.
  • Rhonda Lyon is played by Kaitlin Doubleday: “Ride-or-die chick” Andre’s wife is very strong and loyal, and she stays by his side whenever he tries to take over the Empire.
  • Porsha Taylor is Cookie’s senior assistant, and Ta’Rhonda Jones plays her.
  • Gabourey Sidibe portrays Rebecca “Becky” Williams, someone who works at Empire Entertainment as Lucious’s executive assistant.
  • Tiana Brown, played by Serayah, is a performer at Empire Development who dates Hakeem for a while.
  • precisely Freda Gathers or Freda a Gatz, Bre-Z In the wake of the murder from her father, Frank Gathers, this woman artist becomes Lucious’s adopted daughter.
  • As Tariq Cousins, Morocco Omari is an FBI agent and Lucious’ half-brother.
  • As Leslie “Shyne” Johnson, Xzibit is called “100% wolf before 100 percent gangsta.” Johnson used to be Lucious Lyon’s enemy but soon blossomed into a close friend.
  • Thurston “Thirsty” Rawlings is Lucious’ lawyer, friend, and right-hand man. He is played by Andre Royo.
  • Tory Ash, played by Rumer Willis, is a singer who lost her career because she became addicted. She becomes close with Jamal and then betrays him thanks to working with Lucious.
  • Terell Carter plays Warren Hall, an attorney who is the nephew of Diana Dubois, the cousin of Angelo, and Jamal’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Nicole Giselle Sims-Barker is Eddie Barker’s prize ex-wife, and Ari Parker plays her.
  • Jake Sterling is a rapper and Hakeem’s friend. Chet Hanks plays him.
  • Hi Rhyon Maya Landry-Lyon is played by Nicole Brown. She is the daughter of Cookie’s cellmate Pound Cake and Hakeem Lyon’s present wife.
  • A.Z. Kelsey plays Jeff Kingsley, also known as Hotshot, a tech whiz who is now the acting head of Empire Entertainment.
  • Vivica A. Fox plays Cookie’s older sister Candace Holloway Mason, who is well-behaved but rude and critical.
  • Devon is Lucious’s new artist and Tiana’s new love interest. Mario plays Devon.
  • Teri Brooks-Lyon is Andre’s new wife and Quincy’s mother. Meta Golding plays her.
  • As Treasure, Katlynn Simone is seen as a candidate for Nessa Parker, who played the role in season 3.
  • Wood Harris plays Lucious’s foe Damon Cross, who is now Cookie’s new love interest.

Empire Season 7 : Storyline

The TV show Empire is a mix of musicals and dramas. Fans have all enjoyed eight seasons in the Empire series because it has such a unique and interesting plot with so many memorable characters.

The show is about an audio tycoon who runs a music company when is a very popular or famous singer. In order to protect the future of his business, he chooses to put his two boys against each other in order to make them compete with each other. In an additional singing competition, they will meet again.

simultaneously, we will also observe how his ex-wife tries to get her share of the business her husband owned. Every new season of Empire adds more interesting plot turns that make the plot even better.

As we already said, Empire’s sixth season became its last while the final one. Both the show’s writers and the network confirmed this. Any longer waiting for the seventh season to come out? It’s all for nothing. In April 2020, the sixth instalment of the show came to an end. So, Empire has a show that combines musicals and dramas.

There will not be a seventh season of Empire, as was promised. A pilot is being talked about, but work on it is still in progress. The main story of the show ended with Season 6, so if they decide to make a seventh season, it’s possible that they will choose to start over with a new cast and story. 

The show ended after Season 6, so Season 7 won’t be coming out any time soon. Right now, it doesn’t look like there will be an extension. Empire is a TV show that mixes musicals and dramas. The plot is about a media mogul who runs a music company and is a very famous and well-known singer.

The story is so interesting and original, and there are so many great characters, that people have watched all seven seasons of the Empire series. Putting his two sons on each other as competitors is how he makes sure the business stays successful.

They are going to sing against each other, and at the same time, his ex-wife is going to try to get some of the clan’s business’s assets. With every subsequent episode of Empire, the tale gets better because there are so many interesting turns.

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