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Every pirate who is not a Yonko (however is just as robust)

The Yonko are recognized to be the 4 strongest pirates within the One Piece world, dominating the waters of the New World as in the event that they have been kings. Not even the Marines can management them because of their huge army energy and immense presence, and that claims a lot about how highly effective they’re.

The energy of the Yonko is one thing that is thought of above all different pirates in historical past, however fairly a few people have appeared with the facility to rival these monsters and a few who may even defeat them.

7 Rocks D. Xebec was probably Roger’s best enemy

Rocks was one of many fiercest characters in One Piece, ruling the waters of the Grand Line some 40 years in the past. His aim was to turn into the king of the world, and he had the energy to again up that ambition of his.

Rocks was thought of so highly effective that the Navy might not face him alone and needed to crew up with the pirates Roger to defeat him. 38 years in the past, on an island recognized as the Valley of the Gods, Rocks was defeated by the mixed effort of Garp and Roger and his demise was declared. Nonetheless, he was a monstrous fighter and, in accordance with Sengoku, probably Roger’s best enemy.

6 Gol D. Roger is recognized and revered as the best pirate in historical past

The Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, is stated to be the best pirate in One Piece historical past. Roger led the Roger Pirates to the Closing Island, Snigger Story and in doing so grew to become the primary man in over 800 years to reach there. Roger was a magnificent pirate with the facility to match Whitebeard, who was the strongest man in the entire world.

Throughout his time, the idea of Yonko didn’t appear to exist, so he by no means was. But he was as highly effective as they, and a few would say much more so.

5 Silvers Rayleigh is thought of a legend and a monster by Garp

The precise hand man of the Pirate King, Silvers Rayleigh is the previous vice captain of the Roger Pirates and a man recognized as the Darkish King. He is a man thought of a legend even by individuals like Garp and is a nice menace to the World Authorities regardless of being previous.

Rayleigh is recognized to be a highly effective swordsman, however his true energy comes from his management of Haki. In line with Luffy, Rayleigh’s Haki is extremely refined, so he can use it on the highest stage. Garp thought of Rayleigh a monster and spoke of him on the similar time as Whitebeard, implying that he is akin to them, on the very least.

four Douglas Bullet took purpose on the Yonko after the worst technology

Additionally recognized as the Inheritor to the Demon, Douglas Bullet appeared as the principle antagonist in One Piece: Stampede. Bullet’s canonicity is up within the air, nevertheless, since its existence does not interrupt the One Piece timeline in any respect, it might very properly be canon, provided that it was written and designed by Oda himself.

When Bullet was on Roger’s ship, he was stated to be as robust as Silvers Rayleigh himself. After being captured by the Navy, Bullet skilled additional and grew stronger, catching up with the Yonko, which is evident from the truth that he was addressing them after the Worst Technology.

three Shiki tied the match in opposition to Roger

Additionally recognized as the Flying Pirate, Shiki was a member of the Pirates of the Rocks who went on to make a massive identify for himself after leaving the crew. He was thought of a legendary determine within the New World whose powers might even match these of the Pirate King.

Shiki led the biggest military within the New World, as seen throughout the Edd Conflict, the place he tied the battle in opposition to Roger, though he needed to face great losses because of a storm. Shiki additionally attacked Marineford alone and destroyed half of it whereas combating Garp and Sengoku on the similar time earlier than being defeated.

2 Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman on the earth

Dracule Mihawk is recognized to be the strongest swordsman on the earth and was one of many royal Shichibukai till just lately. With the dissolution of the system, Mihawk is a regular pirate once more.

With regard to his energy, Mihawk is proven to be fairly highly effective, rivaling the red-haired Shanks once they have been younger. Additionally, in Kokuto: Yoru wields one of many Saijo or Wazamono grade swords, which suggests that he is very near the Yonko when it comes to energy.

1 Kozuki Oden might outmaneuver Kaido in a battle

Oden was the Daimyo of Kuri and the strongest samurai within the nation of Wano at one level. He went to journey the world with Whitebeard and have become the commander of the second division of his crew. Following his affair with Whitebeard, Oden joined the Roger Pirates for a yr and went to Snigger Story to search out out the true historical past of the world.

Returning to Wano, Oden was a number of occasions stronger than when he left and will even overwhelm Yonko Kaido in a battle. With out a doubt, Oden is as nice as the 4 Emperors themselves.

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