Facebook kids app imperfection let outsiders into chats

A defect with Facebook’s app for under-13s meant children grew into contact with unapproved visitors, the company has verified.

Messenger Kids, launched in 2017, was secured as a secure place for kids who were too fresh to use the “grown-up” variant of the social network.

The app was intended to solely allow kids to chat with friends who stood authenticated by a parent.

However, a design defect, initially detailed by The Verge, secured it potential for unauthorized users – who may have been grown-ups – to be part of group chats.

“We freshly cautioned certain parents of Messenger Kids to account users concerning a technical glitch that we detected swaying a small number of group chats,” the company fortified on Monday.

The Verge summarized that “thousands” of parents had been sent the message alerting them of the problem. The company would not present a further specific evaluation when requested by the reporters.

Group chats

“We set off the tangled chats and produced parents with further resources on Messenger Kids and online security.”

Kids using Messenger Kids can only chat with each other when a parent (or guardian) for each child accepts the friendship. Yet, in a group chat, it was

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