Fakes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

Fakes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

FAKES on Netflix shows how a kingdom rises and falls, yet the stakes might differ from what you think. The kingdom in question isn’t about taking over the whole world. Instead, it’s about music and grocery shops. After debuting in September,

The Comedy Series is about two of their closest friends, Rebecca as well as Zoe, who end up running one of the biggest fake ID businesses in North America.

Their success gets them a nice apartment, but it also brings the feds after them. After a raid goes wrong and someone betrays them, the two characters who can’t be trusted have to pick up the broken pieces. But may all that drama keep us interested enough to watch Season 2?

The people who made the comedy-thriller show fired some of Hollywood’s best actors and actresses, who had made the show more exciting and likeable.

Emilija Baranac, Richard Harmon, Jennifer Tong, Wern Lee, Eric Bempong, Dylan Sloane, Emily Leung, as well as a number of others are among the most skilled people in the group.

The first episode of the show came out on Netflix’s streaming service on the second of September in 2022. The series had 10 episodes in total, and every one of them came out on the same day. Critics and viewers liked them all right enough. IMDb gives it a score of 6.4 on a scale of 10.

The narrative of the series centers on the lives of two best friends who build one of the biggest fake ID businesses in North America by accident. There are 10 episodes of this show. The average length of a show is about 30 minutes. Richard Harmon as well as Emilia Baranc play the main roles in this show.

Fakes Season 2 Release Date:

The 10 shows of the first season, which came out on the second of September in 2022, made up the first season.

Teen Drinking was Very Bad is the name of the first show, and Yo, I Bought a Fake ID is the name of the second. Even though Episode 1.3 is the name of the third episode, we are the the captains now is the name of the fourth episode.

Real G’s Move within Silence Like Lasagna is the name of the fifth episode, A Cup of Ambition is the name of the sixth episode, All Eyes On Me is the name of the seventh episode, King of Anything is the name of the eighth episode.

Forged in Stone is the name of the ninth episode, and She Said She Said is the name of the tenth episode. All of the shows have ratings of 8.0 or higher out of 10.

As of September of 2022, the people who make Fakes haven’t decided whether to make a second season or end the show. Fans and reviewers alike love the show, so it will definitely be back for a second season. If the contract is extended in the next few days, we should see it again in the years 2023 or 2024.

Cast Of Fakes Season 2:

Emilija Baranac plays Zoe Christensen, and Richard Harmon plays Tryst, two of the main roles in Fakes. Rebecca Li is played by Jennifer Tong. Ken is played by Eric Bempong, Sally is played by Matreya Scarrwener, Clem Lam is played by Wern Le, and Sophie is played by Mya Lowe.

Shawna Clarke portrays the principal, Devon Alexander plays Devon Slack, who works at the booze store, Elfina Luk plays Sandra Li, Jason Asuncion works at MorMart, and Shawna Hargrave plays Larry.

Fakes Season 2 Storyline:

Season 1 just ended, so we don’t know anything about what will happen within Season 2. But let’s focus on the events in the initial season for now.

The main plot of the story is about two people who make fake IDs so they can buy drink. Zoe makes a pair of cards, which impress Rebecca. They even try them out, and then they get a call to the false address.

As they run away with the cards as well as booze, they think about what could occur if they keep doing what they are doing. They meet a guy named Tryst, and he tells them that he can flip almost 200 cards. It appears that they are making money by printing the cards and marketing them to many people.

They bring cars, an apartment, and a lot of money. They also throw parties and dress in the best clothes. Even though they are old, they have a lot of fun.

Tryst, on the other hand, says that the girls owe him $200 and $30,000 as well as threatens them. The police raid a party that the two of them planned, but they don’t know if Tryst phoned them or not. At the conclusion of Season 1, a lot of events happen that will definitely affect what happens in Season 2.

Trailer For Fakes Season 2:

Since the show hasn’t been picked up for an additional season yet, there is no way to make a video for it. It will come out when the show is revived.

Where Can I Find Fakes Season 2?

It is a show made by Netflix. On that site, the first season is now available. When the subsequent season is finished, it will be available as well on that site. Fakes is an original Netflix show that can only be watched on the OTT app. Netflix is accessible everywhere. You can sign up for $9.99 for SD or $14.99 for 4K UHD.

This will give you entry to its huge library of shows, series, and movies, which has something for everyone. If you join up for Netflix for the first time, you can also try it for free for seven days.

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