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Future Diary Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Future Diary Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

If you like thriller-fantasy anime, you’ve probably heard of the show Future Diary. Since the moment it came out, this anime has become a huge hit. At least ten years have passed since the most recent episode of Future Diary aired, and since then, there has been no news about a second season.

Fans are now asking for a second season of Future Diary, which is why we wrote this article to address your inquiries. So, if you’d like to know when Future Diary will come out, what it’s about, and who the main characters are, keep reading.

Future Diary was a great ride with just the right amount of romance, thrills, blood, and trauma. We can’t help but love it, no matter how scary it can get. But there hasn’t been a season like this in a long time.

If you like thriller and fantasy anime, you’ve probably heard of Future Diary. Since it first came out, the anime has become a huge hit.

When Will Season 2 Of Future Diary Come Out?

Even though it’s been over a decade, Future Diary season two is still not confirmed by the studio or franchise that hasn’t been named yet. But don’t give up hope because of it.

We might get a second season, much like we got second seasons of shows such as Classroom of a Elite as Well as the Devil Is indeed a Part-Timer that we didn’t expect to. So, is there going to be a second season of Future Diary?

Is Season 2 Of Future Diary Over?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. Well, there have been rumor’s that the second part wouldn’t be made, and Studio Asread and the other companies that made this anime haven’t said anything official about making part 2.

The primary reason is that the 1st season ended on a high note with no more surprises, but there are so many fans that we might be able to expect a second season with a new plot as well as some new characters.

The OVA episode finished the story of the first season, but many fans haven’t seen it yet, which would be one reason why so many people want season 2.

Also, the last episode of the first series finished on a cliffhanger, as well as the audience wasn’t happy with how it ended. Future Diary didn’t need a season 2 because the OVA episode, which came out in June 2013, answered all the questions and wrapped up the story in a good way.

Also, the only way for the series to keep going is if Sakae Esuno writes more stories. The studio won’t say if there will be a second season until after that.

When the last episode of the first season came out, something was missing from the end. The creators then decided to give the story a good ending to please the fans. In 2019, an OVA episode has been released that finished the story and gave it a beautiful as well as satisfying conclusion.

What Are The Main Reasons For Putting Off Season 2 Of Future Diary?

Since the plot of the show Future Diary is already over, it will not be brought back for a second season. Future Diary ended with the OVA episode that aired after the first season was over. The OVA was first shown in June 2013. Still, if the first season didn’t satisfy you, you should watch the OVA episode.

Where Can I See Future Diary?

So, users can watch the above anime series on Netflix, Hulu, Anime Planet, Crunchyroll, among other sites.

Who’s In Season 2 Of Future Diary?

Sakae Esuno is the person who wrote and drew this anime. Future Diary is also called Mirai Nikki, and it was published in the same magazine, Kadokawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace.

The 12 volumes of the season came out between January 2006 as well as December 2010. Studio Asread is making the anime because his light novel is getting a lot of attention. Michiko Namiki as well as Shogo Miyaki are the people in charge of Future Diary.

The voice cast of Future Diary is as follows.

  • Misuzu Togashi – Yukiteru Amano
  • Tomosa Murata – Yuno Gasai
  • Mnami Honda – Muru Muru
  • Norio Wakamoto – Deus Ex Machina
  • Yuki Matsuoka – Hinata Hino

Ratings For Future Diaries:

Future Diary recieved a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb from 16,734 votes, and a 7.4/10 rating from 11,06,703 votes on MyAnimeList. The anime has everything: action, suspense, and a mystery. Fans say that it’s worth a watch because of how it builds characters and tells a story.

About The Book Future Diary:

This anime is written very well, and everything else about it is also great. It’s worth your time, but I’d tell everyone to do it. There are a few situations that are not safe for work, but the plot is great, the art style is beautiful, as well as the characters are very well written.

I can’t rave enough about this show. The rebroadcast was the same as the first one. Nothing bad is to be said about it, and I appreciate it a lot.

The Plot Of Season 2 Of Future Diary Is:

The story would be based on a high school boy named Yukiteru Amano, who looked nice. He seems to spend a lot of time exploring his own world, writing in his diary, and it appears that he is that way by nature.

He used to write in the diary about everything that happened in his life. He wasn’t very social; he only had two friends he kept in touch with online, as well as his job was average. He was digitally connected to his two friends, Deus Ex Machina as well as Deus Servant.

After a few episodes, Deus, the god of space and time, becomes a living being. He told Yukiteru that the only means of reaching the god of space and time was to join the game.

So, the game consists of levels, and there are 11 people playing. To finish Kevel, they have to dismantle each other’s diaries. The god seems to like Yukiteru more than other people.

Now, the main character kind of doesn’t like all this violence, so he always plays it safe in the game. In the game, he makes one more friend, Yuno Gasai, who likes Yukiteru.

The twist is that he constantly helps Yukiteru reach his goals and saves as well as helps him as well, so that he may become the god of space and time. After this, so many secrets were revealed, in addition to the reasons why each character did what they did in the next episode.

Coming Soon Diary Season 2 Trailer:

Since the second season of Future Diary was announced last year, fans have been eagerly waiting for the first trailer for the forthcoming season. The very first season was indeed a big hit, and viewers all over the world liked what they saw.

One of the most exciting things about this season 2 is that it will be available on Netflix instead of on TV. However, there has not been an official teaser for The Future Diary’s second season until now.

But I’m going to share the teaser video for the first season, which might give you an understanding of what’s to come in the second season.


Future Diary’s first season was almost 12 volumes long, as well as the OVA episode told the rest of the story. The production team has nothing to cover in the season 2, which is not likely to come out soon. The anime could only keep going if the writer wants to keep going, which means you’ll have to wait.

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