Ganglands Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Ganglands Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Ganglands is a criminal drama series produced by Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq that is accessible on Netflix. Six episodes made up the inaugural season of the programme, which debuted on the streaming service on September 24, 2021.

Both viewers and reviewers gave the show’s first season high marks for its actors and plot. The program’s creators have already announced that it will return for a second season, which will start shortly.

When will Ganglands Season 2 be available? What’s the storyline? Who would return to portray the main characters? For more information, keep reading.

Ganglands Season 2 Release Date:

‘Ganglands’ will indeed return for a season 2! On November 22, 2021, the Netflix France Twitter account announced the renewal.

As of the time of writing, no release date has been set. New seasons of Netflix programs are often released after an interval of around a year. So we may anticipate “Ganglands” returning to the platform in the latter part of this year, 2022. Once the official launch date is known, we’ll update this area.

Second season of Ganglands was always going to happen. It will make a comeback on September 22, 2023, around the same date as the first. Here is what we currently know.

Ganglands Season 2 Trailer Release:

Gangland season 2 has not yet had an official trailer. The television show will undoubtedly release a season finale to pick up where the suspense left off. Because Ganglands is a Netflix original series, it can only be seen there. Ganglands Season 2 has no published trailers. For now, you can see the Season 1 trailer down below:

Ganglands Season 2 Cast:



  • Actor Sami Bouajila portraying Mehdi
  • Nabiha Akkari portraying Sofia and Samuel
  • Jouy as Tony
  • Chris is portrayed by Carlos Schram as played by Carlos Geert Van Rampelberg.

Mehdi, a specialist with expertise in the heist, is played by Sami Bouajila. He has a duty to defend his family while on a quest to take down his drug lord opponent. French actor Sami has appeared in a few films, including Fares Ben Youssef’s A Son (2017), Belgarde’s Remember (2017–18), and Abdelkader’s Days of Glory (2006). (2019)

Tracy Gotoas plays the professional thief Liana, whose lover owns an escort business and unintentionally takes a significant quantity of narcotics. French actress Tracy has appeared in a number of movies, including 17-Year-Old Marion, The Troubleshooter, and Neuilly Yo Mama II.

Shainez, played by Sofia Lesaffre She is Mehdi’s niece, Tracy’s lover, and the one who accidentally steals narcotics while operating an escort service. She has appeared in many films, including Malika in A Tale of Love and Desire (2018), Sarah in Earth and Blood (2017), and Ycéenne in Les Misérables (2019). (2021)

As Sofia, Nabiha Akkari assumes the role of an elevated members of the Brussel criminal family and warns his uncle Hassan about his cousin’s reckless conduct. after discovering the real reason for her parents’ death, she plans to get vengeance on her relatives.

Ganglands Season 2 Storyline:

Many questions remained unsolved after the season’s dramatic conclusion. Fans are curious about what would occur to Medhi if she were to escape with the young thief.

The turf battle had been over for five months when “Ganglands” ends. Saber, the new gang boss who took over the firm with his cousin Sofia, is visited by a member from Morocco. The colleague invites Saber to join his Moroccan community. However, Sofia dissuades Saber from going to Morocco and convinces him to assume control of the ports in Antwerp instead. From there, they want to grow their company across all of Europe. They must, however, be ready for a larger conflict with the other drug kingpins that control the area.

Before the credits start, we witness Liana enter the hospital while wearing a mask and startling patients with a revolver. She saves Mehdi and restrains him. It’s possible that Liana will seek for his assistance in governing the region that Chris fled. But a greater turf battle is about to start since Sofia and Saber want to take over the same place.

Since there isn’t an official trailer, all we can do is speculate about what will occur in the next season. We may infer from the conclusion of the first season that Mehdi will assist Liana in governing over Chris’ unclaimed region. The precise spot is where Saber and Sofia also plan to conquer, which will likely result in war. That will most likely result in a bloody conflict.

An elite robbery crew led by MEHDI is stealing gold bricks from an unnamed organisation. On the other side, Shainez unintentionally takes a bag of cocaine while Mehdi’s niece and her partner sneak into a resort where they intend to steal money from guests. Although Liana assures Shainez that she would turn the drugs into hard currency without going into any difficulties, this bag of cocaine immediately drags them into issues. Liana gives the substance to his next-door neighbour, who is also drug dealer, and asks him to sell it to MODI.

The guy from the hotel calls Moroccan drug dealer SABER in the meanwhile about the two females stealing his narcotics. Saber warns the dealer that he will seize the girl. Later, a group of masked men abduct Shainez. Knowing this, Shainez’s mother accuses Mehdi of being to responsible and demands that he return her daughter. In order to rescue her girlfriend, Liana joins Mehdi’s squad at this point, and the adventure begins. This endeavour causes a major tussle and a great deal of carnage.

Ganglands Season 1 Review:

An elite mercenary group led by Sami Bouajila’s Mehdi Belhadj steals gold bars from an unnamed group. Shainez, Mehdi’s niece, and Liana, her boyfriend, break into the Hotel Stanhope while posing as escorts to rob a customer of money but instead steal cocaine.

Shainez has Liana’s word that she would turn it into cash without any problems. Liana delivers the narcotics to her buddy Modi, who lives close by in a remote warehouse and has a trailer vehicle. Modi makes touch with his drug-dealing relatives to complete the task.

Meanwhile, the hotel employee reports that two escort females took his 8 kilos of cocaine to Moroccan drug lord Saber. The trader is threatened with getting his consignment back at any costs by Saber. A few masked guys soon after kidnap Shainez from her home. Anissa, Shainez’s mother, accuses Mehdi of attacking and stealing her daughter out of terror. Anissa thinks Mehdi started this situation because he was involved in the 2011 death of their beloved brother Ilyes Belhadj.

Mehdi spots Saber’s gang member lurking outside Anissa’s home and contacts Saber via him. In return for his eight kilogrammes of stolen cocaine, he promises to leave Shainez. However, Modi, who intended to sell the drugs, is pillaged by his cunning cousins. Mehdi finds Liana in her warehouse, where Modi’s relatives attack them, after checking Shainez’s smartphone.

Another drug king, Chris de Wit, alerts Saber’s adoptive cousin, Sofia, about Saber’s illicit cocaine peddling in his region as Mehdi deals with two gangs. Mehdi is trying to safeguard his baby niece when a brawl breaks out between the competing factions, which prompts Mehdi to engage in an eventual turf battle.

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