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Girlfriend arrested for provoking the boyfriend to commit suicide by sending 47,000 messages in 2 months

The prosecutors say that immense mental pressure and continuous provoking to commit suicide has been put on the boyfriend by his girlfriend. 

According to the reports given by the police, the girlfriend happens to be a graduate of Boston University. Recently, the woman has been brought under the charge of manslaughter after her boyfriend committed suicide. 

The girl named Inyoung You of twenty-one years has sent forty-two thousand texts to her boyfriend Alexander Urtula of twenty-two years in the last two months. But that was not the cause behind her arrest. 

Most of the texts that she sent to him had the reference of murder or indicated the fact of killing himself to death. Somehow, the girlfriend used to give the guy a mental push to commit suicide every day, which probably lead to the incident.

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Investigators appointed for the case confirmed that the text messages which the two exchanged in the past month indicated psychological provocation from the girlfriend. Some texts even read direct statements like “go die” and that the world is a better place without him. 

According to the police, such text messages from the girlfriend gave him an ultimate break down and led him to commit suicide.

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